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yellow gold bvlgari necklace B zero1 knockoff often online s

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  • Started 1 week ago by PKKOO5
  1. Silver bracelet on the body About baby copy bulgari ring gold wearing silver bracelets

    A: hello, silver jewelry is oxidized silver oxide is black, go to bvlgari white gold ring fake the jewelry store to clean it A: This copy bvlgari ring white gold is to consider whether it is because of allergies and other causes of pigmentation is not necessarily the problem of lowering the body is a Can go to the regular hospital to check blood biochemistry is not allergic to lead

    2016 08 18 Recommended A: Hello, it is best not to wear jewelry to sleep easy to hurt the body, pregnant women should not wear, the pro next 2017 04 10

    1 answer Can you sleep with a silver bracelet at night, pregnant women with this will have any effect on the body, need to take off?

    A: In fact, I always seem to have a band, in general, is afraid of pressure to the baby, but adults do need to be careful with jewelry. 2017 06 01

    Why baby silver jewelry with black? Baby silver bracelet with the recent has been dark, is not a physical problem, ah, neighborhoods [cute]

    A: Silver will be black exposed to oxygen. You do not give the baby to wear, put time is also black. Toothpaste can be washed clean

    A: I heard my mom said the more silver copy bulgari diamond ring the more shiny, I had a silver bracelet is, a friend gave me a long time without a little black, I took the more wear the more light, my baby's bracelet with a very bright ah! No hair Alas!

    2017 04 29

    Silver Bracelet suddenly turned black? May I ask with a silver bracelet for more than a year today suddenly black, what is the body problems? How to nursed back to health? Is it because often angry stay up late? If the body toxins how to quickly detox it? .

    Posted 1 week ago #

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