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  • Started 1 week ago by PKKOO5
  1. Unlimited horror Yingying a water cabbage

    Solve the monster behind, I immediately recovered from the state of genetic lock, against the wall a few moments after a gas surge, put away the pear guns, toward the depths of the cemetery ran for a moment, see Zheng Qiang Zha Guzhu are holding Ax, is chopping a door, just split an ax, he suddenly Yi Zheng, '' Lord God, 'I am you!

    Zheng Yue heard back, immediately revealing the expression of delight, 'there are only three meters big scorpion, you are so good, quickly cover OConnell them .I continue to split.'

    'Well,' I was busy with O Connaught them behind Zheng Zheng is trying to lift an ax, the next moment, his face changed, 'Li Ying, you hear nothing.'

    'Heard it, is the death of the army, came back later.' Such a big voice, I do not want to hear all hard ah 'Mom, no way, had to gamble once.' Zheng said, take away the electric ax , Took out a Gaussian bombs toward the door and threw it into the 'get down!' I retaliate toward O'Connor them, and Zheng 咤 also rushed over at this time, all of us under pressure because there Zheng 咤 in, although countless stones fall, I did not suffer any serious injuries. And Zheng Mau and other mausoleum stopped shaking, quickly get up, they pulled out a bomb, his face, still hanging grin ......

    After the bomb, when we came to completely block the access I have refused to take these, 'Zheng Yi, fast, time is running out.'

    Zheng 咤 agreed, not waiting for copy bulgari ring gold Eve according to the original plot open, all the way on the electric ax split in the past. In the last did not have time, and even resorted to the spear of trial Zheng Zheng get the scorpion king's bracelet moment, the Lord God's tone also sounded in my mind, 'pre-completed regional plot, get four thousand reward points, C-level horror film plot two.

    Then there was the raging water of the Nile, which was washed out by the water from the spear that had once again been put on trial by the Eunjang on the wall. All of us were paralyzed to the ground for a long while and then I heard the voice of Zheng Nai, Li Ying, fast, antidote. 'I turned a glance, I saw his arm swollen to see the original status I was shocked, climbed to him took over from his space bag. A needle antidote down, but also cut his arm to release black blood, counted as a few. See him nothing, I just let down my heart, smiled, 'Zheng Yi, get reward point?

    Zheng Nai nodded, but also touched the hands of the death bracelet, 'This is a good thing, kill the Scorpio King can summon the death of the army, the number of imitation bvlgari ring rose gold users can summon mummies fifty times, but within 40 days if not Kill the Scorpio Great, wipe it out, but get two C and four thousand points worth it. '

    I hehe smile, 'However, we can count as the fastest time ever.'

    Zheng 咤 surprised a moment, then also laughed, 'does a good harvest, it seems, ahead of schedule to complete the branch line, the Lord God will be the most mentioned in the difficulty of the scorpion king bracelet so hard, do not know how the magic Scorpio Great.' He Saying, glanced at O'Connor them, and then turned back, 'Li Ying, it seems the next way, we both act on their own.'

    I nodded. 'Indeed, although they are very strong, they are at most new to the reincarnation squad and I do not want them to be hurt.'

    'Well,' Zheng Nai nodded, reached out and 'work hard together to live it.'

    I am holding his hand back, 'Let's go live!' Finished, I playful smile, 'Captain, you must be alive .I do replica bulgari diamond ring not want you to complete the task without being obliterated by the Lord God, I had no experience as the captain , Do not want to go to share that heart. 'If Zheng 咤 hang up, then as the only remaining members of Nakasu team, but also opened the genetic lock, it is bound to take over the captain's position, I can not think ah do not copy bvlgari yellow gold ring want Of course, Zheng Nai is not dead, I say so, but for his breath Beng Zheng surprised a moment, then came to understand my meaning, he severely handshake, 'Well.'

    And O'Connor They made such a proposal, did not think they were rejected by all, and even Jonathan have hesitated a moment, and then I want to keep up with me and Zheng Kui phase I smile, my heart is full of moving, shoulder to shoulder Fellow ah, it is such a feeling on the back of the airship, Zheng Yong holding the spear of trial, said, 'This trial of the spear is a good thing ah, great power, but also easy to use, but after each throw throw You have to pick it up yourself, but it looks as if the 'Lord God' can be redeemed for a C-Class props, as if it were called an Arrow Recuperator, so take a good look back and look at the redeemable props for the LORD.

    I grab the trial of the spear looked, and then very irresponsible proposal Road, 'In the absence of any recovery before Zheng You see is not tied to the above rope, thrown out, you pull it, not Is it back?

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