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  1. Venice water city half-day sunshine

    Venice water city is unique in the world. However, why should the city be built at sea? It is said that in the 5th century AD, in order to avoid the invasion of Asian nomads, coastal residents fleeing to the seaside islands and wetlands are the beginnings of Venice. Venice built on 120 islands, the city by 400 stone bridge communication, God! In the Middle Ages, Venice was a powerful tycoon at sea. It is a big trading power that has accumulated a great deal of wealth. It is both a gateway to the East and a bridgehead from the East to the West. Everything is inseparable from a 'water' word, a history of the rise and fall of a thousand five hundred years from the water came to us, we came to the city by boat, the first impression of Venice is seen from the water . Blue sky, blue sea, a palace-style city side sitting on the sea. After disembarking, the tour guide pointed to a hotel called 'Danieri' on the shore, saying it was a meeting place for the return trip. We are free in Venice. Venice vertical and horizontal rivers and lakes, but also lanes, easy to get lost. Chinese tourists understand German, some know French, but no one knows English or Italian, so no one is interested in free action. As a result, the tour guide led you through the Piazza San Marco, a small corner of the pier, the collective take the Gondola boat to do water walking, enjoy the water city of Vito 'Gondola' is a major feature of Venice. It is said that the production of strict and pay attention to: 11 meters long, nearly 1 meter wide and half to oak board for the material, painted with black paint seven times into. Full of six people, plus one boatman. The houses on both sides of the river are magnificent, but they are obviously old and old. Some of them are old and small, and from time to time they come in small bridges. In ancient times, the daily life in Venice faded away. A little while, the boat into the broad Grand Canal, the landscape change suddenly, this is the city center of Venice, on both sides of the tall palace-style architecture row upon row. The ship to the Grand Canal bridge, began to return. In fact, only half an hour flight only 15 minutes only. The cost of knowing Gondola is about an hour back to St. Mark's Square, I am in this vast ocean-like ancient buildings, enjoyment. St. Mark's Square, St. Mark's Basilica, Venice, can see this prominent St. Mark. In 828, at the behest of the Governor-General, two wealthy merchants in Venice successfully stole the mummy from St. Alexander in Alexandria and brought it back to Venice, where it was stored today under knock off b zero1 watch the altar of St. Mark's Basilica. Since then, St. Mark has become the patron saint of Venice. His sign is a winged lion. Since then, Venice is full of lions. At the entrance to Piazza San Marco, stands a tall stone column with a majestic, winged lion standing high above a crowded palace complex. First, a strict, gorgeous Doge's Palace, with pink and white marble. The Governor's Palace is the capital of Venice's head of state and the seat of the Grand Council and the government. Venice has long been an independent maritime republic. The government is jointly owned by the governor and the parliament and has the characteristics of an autocratic government and a republican government. At a glance, the palace of the governor also bvlgari watches for ladies imitation indispensable St. Mark and his bvlgari bvlgari watch knock off lion and the Viceroy Concorde of St. Mark's Basilica is the pride of Venice. St. Mark's Basilica is one of the most prestigious cathedrals in the Christian world and the site of the fourth Crusade. Venice's glory, Venice's affluence, of course, as well as Venice's history and beliefs, all in this. Built in the 11th century, the cathedral has been renovated. Today, the cathedral is a combination of Eastern Byzantine art, ancient Roman art, Medieval Gothic art and Renaissance art in a variety of artistic styles. Combining harmony, harmony and harmony, the Cathedral is incomparable. The cathedral has five large round roofs, a typical Oriental Byzantine art, but it is a Western saint. This alone is unique. Second, there are 400 marble pillars both inside and outside the cathedral, with a mosaic mosaic of 4,000 square meters both inside and outside. Thousands of people who come to see and admire the cathedral every day from all over the world I walked out of the square, through one of the many souvenir shops, back to the canal, and even back to the bridge that divides the Grand Canal. It is said that the birthplace of Marco Polo, the first European who visited China in 1271, is nearby. I thought I had a mouth difficult to find, unable to ask the way, only hesitate to give up. Street alley there is a meteoric museum building, I just hurried passers-by. I am confident in the souvenir shop to take a good time I stop in front of the masks of the carnival wait and see. Venice's carnival history is famous, 1979 has been restored, is currently one of the world's four major carnival. A person wearing a mask, lost his identity, access to freedom, can be presumptuous, indulgence, which is why many people like the carnival. It is said that during the festival, said one to another: 'Hello, mask, Mr..' After all, to catch up with the Christmas carnival tourists is a minority, more convenient to buy a mask, buy a few small mask souvenirs, not too expensive to ladies bvlgari watches imitation spend Big. There are also tourists to buy a clown hat, swagger the streets in the street, enjoy themselves. Since coming to Venice, may wish to wantonly back to the Grand Place, it seems there is a little bit of time. I know a little bit, boarded the cathedral on the edge of a tower of nearly 100 meters high. Longitudinal overlooking Venice, the whole city, panoramic view, a reddish brown roof, one without ending. Connaught Piazza San Marco, visitors little bit, almost ants. Looking to the sea, rows of gondolas, it is truly good-looking. Looking at the winged lion again seems as proud as I can be seen by visitors. I return 15 minutes in advance of the Hotel Danieri. This I discovered, the hotel is also called the ancient building, carved balcony actually and the Governor's palace exactly the same. Of course I did not get into a hotel Masood. Back to France, I check the information, regret. Hotel Danieri, Venice's historic palace-style hotel, can be scary for travelers who have stayed in the hotel for a while. European artists traveled to Italy, first to Venice, will live in Danieli, Balzac, Dickens, Byron, Shelley ... there are also Spielberg and others. In early 1834, France's 24-year-old poet Muse and 30-year-old woman writer George Sand came to Danieri Hotel and stayed in Room 10. Poet journey journey, passionate woman writer into the arms of a handsome doctor Barlow, Miao plug anger and go home alone. But this situation is difficult to turn into four immortal 'night' poetry In 1987, Venice was included in the World Cultural Heritage List. Six hours to know Venice? Absolutely not. Take a look at flowers only!

    From a travel point of view, Venice is good all year round. Relatively speaking, 7,8 two months slightly worse, the temperature is slightly higher, thunderstorms, the sea water may gush the taste of seaweed 2. Venice souvenirs: landscape postcards; carnival mask, a ceramic and plaster mask Exquisite glassware, ranging from upscale vases and cutlery to everyday-worn bracelets and necklaces;

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