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  • Started 3 months ago by PKKOO5
  1. New God carved 2 Heroes main line process Raiders

    1. To defeat the love flower tree (it seems to be 4), the plot after God Diaogu 2. Through the cave came to the sword magic tomb, and then go to the top of the mountain to fight the eagle, playing a few times, you can learn the eagle wings, life lost two strokes, God Diaogu 3. After playing a small game at the fishing village beach, go to the pier to play Haijiao sea, back to play pirates, played Ko old man, there Options:

    Choose one, and Ke old man walked to Jiaxing, the process, Lu two after the city, Cheng was kidnapped, to the east of the shelter forest, see Ke old man was wounded, fake bvlgari ring rose gold sent back to Jiaxing, and then to shelter day forest , After crossing the creek youth encounter son, on the tree to go see the murderer after a fight - back to Jiaxing bid farewell to Changde election two, alone to Jiaxing, Cheng, Lu family next to see the old house, the South China bvlgari 18k gold ring knock off Sea map ( Choose no one), to shield the forest after crossing the creek green young son, the tree to go after a see the murderer and Ke old man tearing, to help defeat, Jiaxing bid farewell to Changde 4. A lot of dialogue on board, caught the culprit came to Changde 5. Go to fly Jie building, the story back to the inn to sleep, hear the guns at night, go to fly Jie building, back to the inn to sleep, out of the city to Luoyang 6. To Luoyang, go to the inn to sleep, go to the White Horse Temple at night, I heard someone want to attack Shaolin 7. South, came to the forest in Shaolin Road Shaolin (open the barrel switch, back to the stairs, turn right, this road is very hidden, I find for a long time) came to Shaolin, met the colorless Zen master misunderstood - open play 8. Back to Changde after waking up to find a cannon back to Wong (tea stalls turn left, very hidden), met a girl out of town, went to Crows Hill (Changde Northwest) 9. In the crow hill advanced left cave encounter green young son, and then into the right hole to open the wooden bridge switch, back to the left hole in the depths of the bombing of explosives, out of the crow mountain meet Mongolia General - hit, Ji Ji Ji story back to the home. Understand the truth of Zhang rogue Luoyang back to the house, and then attack Shaolin rescued abbot, down an encounter an elderly woman 11. Back to Luoyang, night exploration Thousands of House (optional kill and not kill), back to the inn after a story to Huashan (Luoyang west) mining 篸 12. After entering the Huashan left, find the footprints, play a small game mining 遇, encounter Tokgo people contest, came out rescue the besieged youth 13. After going back to Luoyang Medical Center, rushed to Lin'an (near Jiaxing), first went to the Yamen mouth to help his wife redeem his son, and then ran into the Grand National Palace overnight. After going to Dingchen Sovereigns and Fortune plot, he learned that there was an organ, With the go, in the basement to know the secret of the black bracelet, and finally found Dingshen phase in Tumen, took him to civilian areas to find Song Wu, and then go to court to save people, the plot back Luoyang Medical Museum 14. After the plot wind through the ferry to North China, in the northeast to find Wutaishan. Temple to the temple up the mountain, after the plot chase down the mountain 15. After getting one of fake bvlgari black and gold ring the six monks of the old monk, find two more in Wutaishan, get one for the White Horse Temple in Luoyang, bvlgari pink gold ring copy one for each in Shaolin Tallinn and the dense road, gather for Xiangyang Inn, go to the Yangtai Fu Temple in the evening, Maze came to a big house before (a lot of people trapped in this bar, and no way ?!), Walk along the big house to the nursing home, into another big house, after a fight and plot, To wind Lingdu.

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