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  • Started 1 week ago by PKKOO5
  1. Tourists broke the bracelet in Yunnan to assess 180,000

    Yunnan Reuters hearing on June 27, 'Ruili, Yunnan, a passenger hand sliding broken off the price of 300,000 jade bracelet spot frightened' event brush screen circle of friends. On the 28th, the third party assessed the damaged bracelet for a value of 180,000. Due to the large gap between 300,000 and 180,000, tourists and some users did not approve it. This caused another uproar again. Experts believe that because jade does not have a certain rating mechanism and international quotation, so there is 'gold valuable jade priceless' argument User: 'touch porcelain, which can value 300,000?'

    'Accidentally like a tornado, so I can not breathe', 'bracelet fell, broken heart,' 'no money hand, cheap hand risks' ... ... This accident not only fainted the Jiangxi women tourists, also Sparked hot netizens. Netizen 'blue sky,' it is recommended to go through the judicial process and price identification. Netizen 'hair brother made hair' questioned said touch porcelain, which bulgari serpenti watch price list knock off can be worth 30 million? Some netizens also said that Ruili is a big jade market. Hundreds of thousands of goods are put in full bloom in the streets, and there is nothing strange about it. User 'last zhanyi' ridicule said 'can not afford to buy, do not touch, the original waiter is good for me.'

    Experts say: Industry consensus estimates its price range

    Zhao Xugang, deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Gem Committee Association of Experts told reporters that from a large perspective, third-party assessment agencies can only distinguish between jade and jade, because jade is different from diamonds and gold, there is no certain standard and international quotations, there is no The industry accepted the grade evaluation mechanism, only through the industry out of the consensus constraints to estimate the copy serpenti secret watches price range, so there is 'gold valuable bvlgari watches serpenti price replica jade priceless' argument Zhao Xugang said jade is a combination of minerals, the composition is more complex, Ruili City The value assessed by the Gem Society may be based on market conditions and the quality of jade itself. This is a relatively objective result. According to Bao Deqing, a professor of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Jewelry Institute, Zhao Xugang is almost the same. He said that the identification price and sales price gap is large, different views of users is a normal phenomenon, if the third-party certification body is qualified, it is generally not much problem. He also introduced jade identification usually contains three aspects, namely, to confirm the authenticity of goods, the identification of the original goods there is a problem, according to market valuation. In the absence of a recognized price system, the premise of using quality as a basis copy snake watch bulgari for assessing prices is relatively fair. 'Shopping malls offer relatively high prices for jade, and the price of 600,000 in jade in Guangzhou is likely to be traded for 200,000.'

    Jade industry insiders 'carving off' that, since there is a price of goods, rely on information is not equal to make money. The difference between jade and most commodities is that people have limited understanding of it and many cognitive errors. To judge whether a piece of jade is good or bad requires a comprehensive analysis from various aspects of origin, jade quality and carving. It requires a person to keep learning and to accumulate many years of experience in a short period of time. For the industry, each jade has a specific price It is understood that the parties involved Fei Fei do not agree with Ruili City Gems Association assessed 180,000 price, or will be resolved through legal proceedings. June 28 afternoon, the owner Lin told reporters that the other side for a while, now it is difficult to tell what she said is true. At present, the two sides are still in coordination.

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