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  1. Download the end of the world is the female immortal fiction reading software to send the entire novel

    Murong Ning in an adventure to get a space bracelet, the bracelet is a test space, every day into the test space can be a task, the task may be to collect meat or fur, or something else, and these things tend to There is excess, excess can be used in reality. Murong Ning in the time have not had time to be proud, even by his half sister pushed from the third floor down, the music is extremely sad, she even crossed into a esoteric story, but unfortunately became a cannon fodder Female. When she confirmed that she brought the space bracelet, she actually got a task. 'What's the real power method?' Her eyeballs did not know if there was any extra power in this practice. Can I practice? See how women in the late immortality, how happy soaring. Murong Ning was born in a more affluent families, how a wealthy children? So to speak, her father is not at home all day, doing music outside, the children hold back two a year back, silly grandma just like bad, mentally handicapped grandfather only like ruthless, idiot steward only like stupid, do For her such a not bad is not ruthless nor stupid, be no nobody hurt no one's love is good in this home but not less her eat and wear, although nobody hurts no one love, but the hands of the money is still more Mostly, the most important b zero1 necklace fake thing is that she is very clever and knows that she has a real father in her hometown. Therefore, her money in her hand is not only excessive, but she is a super rich. As a wealthy generation, Murong Ning has a group of similar friends, However, this group of people is not their main source of eating and drinking, but every day like to explore around?

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  2. <p>想了想還是算了,就自已這性子,還真做不來到處找茬,沒事找事的紈絝樣子來。還是乖乖的窩在醫館里,這樣自已還能舒坦點兒。房遺愛在家休養了半個月,房夫人才肯放coach 長夾出府。房遺愛獲得出府批准的日子,正好趕上陸義和秦懷玉兩人沐休的日子。多時不聚的幾人,藉口慶賀房遺愛病愈,找了家胡姬酒肆,包了個雅間。聽說沒,最近坊間傳的沸沸揚揚的事兒?</p><p>coach皮夾壓根都沒出過自已的小院,陸義和懷玉兩人昨晚上才從軍營了回來,小荷在苦讀詩書,懷亮忙著跟清河公主談情說愛,也就coach手拿包有時間聽這坊間的閑散事兒了。房遺愛吃了口菜說道。什麼事兒能讓coach手拿包小子這麼的上心?秦懷玉笑著問道。游園會上抽遺愛鞭子的侯家破妞,coach手拿包們還記得嗎?長孫渙問道。提她幹嘛一提她就來氣悶頭吃東西的程懷亮不滿的說道。</p><p>她不是要成coach手拿包家小表嫂子了嗎?難不成還有人敢說她的不是?杜荷好奇的說道。她這輩子也沒那機會了長孫渙嘲諷的說道。她不是太子的青梅竹馬外加紅顏知己嗎?怎的,變卦了?房遺愛好奇的問道。是個男人聽了這種傳聞都會受不了的,更何況東宮那位也不是受這閑氣的主。長孫渙撇嘴說道。行了,coach手拿包小子就別賣關子了,就說什麼事兒。</p>

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