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  • Started 1 week ago by PKKOO5
  1. This lover of high altitude really together

    Cui Siyuan and Liu Wen became acquainted with Jiangsu TV because of their participation in Jiangsu TV, 'We Love Each Other.' They both loved each other and loved each other in the program. On the 12th, Liu Wen appeared in Seoul to join Super

    Junior concert, Cui Siyuan knelt affectionate singing two of their own love song 'Lost

    Stars ', the two love affair. Then Cui Siyuan's sister issued a photo on the social networking site and Liu Wen, and yesterday even more issued and Liu Wen, Cui Siyuan three photos, assists brother Sao open romance Super Junior 'Super

    Show6 'ENCORE concert 11,12 held in Seoul on the 2nd two days, Liu Wen has been working in Europe deliberately over half a globe flying low-key support, the pomegranate couple from the screen to reality has become a replica bulgari snake bracelet leather reality This concert for a debut ten years Super

    Junior is very significant, but for Choi Siwon itself may be the last concert before military service. At the concert, Choi Siwon sang a handsome solo performance 'Lost

    Stars ', the song in the' we love it 'program is regarded as the song of two people's affection, Liu Wen is Choi Si source' Lost

    Star. 'In the process of singing, Cui Siyuan solemnly knelt one-handed knees, and point somewhere bvlgari serpenti bracelet replica in the stands, to the end when it is pulled out from his pocket Liu Wen gave him the fixed bracelet to wear it. This kind of suggestion, the fans were pleasantly surprised to find that Liu Wen was kneeling in the direction of Choi Sirius and fingers before the end of the concert, Liu Wen more accompanied by both agents to the background Liu Wen appeared in the concert scene and Choi Si source sing songs , The basic has been a real affair of the two people is surprising is the beginning of Cui Siyuan assassination of God, after the concert on the social network, she and Liu Wen's photo, the side confirmed the two honey, and has been Cui Siyuan Family Recognition Liu Wen and Cui Siyuan, who have never been advertised on the weibo for 'We Love It,' reminded the fans on the 12th that they must watch the night's program. A couple of people swim in Guam , Skydiving, replica serpenti bracelet price rowing, just like a pair of couples in love, two eyes, little trick all the time not full of love. Cui Siyuan loudly on the sky before Liu Wen confession 'Iyou' Umbrella moment, Liu Wen crazy big jump, then immediately followed the pace of the other jumped, she said in an interview for fear of Choi Siyuan to leave her, two people even jump skydiving, what's the fear.At seaside, Always shy Liu Wen finally muster the courage to declare 'ten dollars, I very much love you,' the sweet hug of both the show's performance, or two microblogging notice, everything seems to want to tell everyone 'stone (Cui Siyuan) Durian (Liu Wen) blooming, 'Choi Siri source in the microblogging issued a concentric lock in Guam, fans just wait for a photo of a formal public love affair. On the afternoon of the 13th, Cui Shiyuan's sister sent her a photo with Liu Wen and Cui Siyuan on a social networking website. Liu Wen smiled at her fan and Choi Siwon was a proud face. With a photo, the love affair opened in the sun Liu Wen in addition to 'little girl' like, but also update the microblogging issued their own photos in Hong Kong, photos of her happy smile, no text only two hearts. One of the most optimistic about this summer's CP, on This open the romance of two people, netizens are shouting that others are making a reality show, Cui Shi Yuan, Liu Wen replica bulgari serpenti bracelet price is making love documentaries, the reality is better than the Korean drama.

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