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  • Started 3 months ago by PKKOO5
  1. Astronomical jade bracelet debut Kunming highest valuation of 15 million yuan map

    Valuable 8 million to 15 million yuan a pair of jade bracelets in the end is what it looks like? Yesterday, the reporter saw in the Kunming Hotel on the second floor of the exhibition hall on the price bracelet, the light and green and transparent exposure, I feel very shrunken, people put it down, according to introduction, the pair of bracelets is 'Ying-Ying Yunnan 2008 spring relics Art auction 'on a piece of auction. Bidding all the competitive products yesterday in today's Kunming Hotel on the second floor exhibition hall preview. In addition to the pair of bracelets, there are many high-value artefacts also appeared in the preview exhibition to welcome buyers and those who love the art and cultural heritage of the public to visit. At 9:30 tomorrow morning, these exhibits will be commissioned by Shanghai Oriental International Commodities Auction Co., Ltd. for sale at bvlgari replica earrings price Kunming Hotel. It is understood that there will be such topics as ancient Chinese ceramics, Chinese b zero1 knock off earrings painting and calligraphy, miscellaneous treasures and magnificent jades. Among them, more than 200 pieces of ceramic art from the Song Dynasty to the Republic of China will be launched in the topic of Chinese ceramics bidding. There are more than 200 pieces of ceramic art pieces from the Song Dynasty to the Republic of China, such as the Longquan Fenqing incense burner in the South Song Dynasty, Pastel bvlgari rose gold knock off earrings flowers hanging lanterns bottles. Chinese calligraphy and painting feature bidding, will be released from the Song and modern calligraphy and painting masters, famous for about 400, there are Mingbadaishan calligraphy ink vertical axis, Yang Yun bamboo stone ink inkstands and so on. Miscellaneous Treasures auction will be launched on behalf of the ancient jade, bamboo teeth bvlgari b zero1 knock off earrings horn carving, gold and copper Buddhist statues, copper fetal filigree enamel, such as the Ming and Qing white jade carved dragon tape (18), the Qing Dynasty white jade carving, Ladies and so on. Magnificent jade bidding will be a hundred pieces of high-grade jade appeared, these jade bracelets, accessories, rings, ornaments and so on.

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