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  • Started 3 months ago by PKKOO5
  1. Tourists broke 300,000 bracelets or sued lawyers said the business should be responsible

    Recently, bulgari bzero knock off earrings a female Jiangxi tourist trying on a 300,000 yuan jade bracelet in Ruili, Yunnan, accidentally dropped it in half, the spot fainted in the past. Under the coordination of bvlgari b zero1 knock off earrings the local police station, both parties invited the Gemological Association of Ruili City to conduct the valuation and concluded that the selling price should be 180,000 yuan but the tourists would only pay 30,000 yuan.

    July 1, the cover of the reporter learned from the owner was informed that the two sides until now did not negotiate the results, 'We are ready to sue tourists,' while lawyers believe that the business did not protect the bracelet, and not clearly labeled, should be responsible .

    The shopkeeper told Ms. Fei wearing a bracelet price of 300000 yuan, she would like to remove, who knows the hand did not on the desktop, after the bracelet off the ground fell into two sections, bulgari replica earrings after which, Ms. Fei fainted at the scene .

    After the incident, both sides went to the Jurisprudence Office of the sister-in-law and sister-in-law to the Guomen police station of the Public Security Bureau to conduct consultations, but both failed. Finally, the two parties invited the Ruili Gem Stone Association to evaluate and concluded that 'for the 56 laps, waxy local waxy ice, fine crystals, water head, good gloss, floating green, perfect, no crack, no dirty , The market value of the assessed 180,000 yuan 'results. 'In any case lose all losses, we are ready to sue her'

    Merchants took out the purchase of the bracelet documents said that taking into account the financial status of bulgari knock off b zero1 earrings Ms Fees, based on the valuation can be reduced by 10,000 yuan to make Feifei compensation 150,000. But Ms Feifei did not admit that he could only pay 30,000 yuan.

    After many consultations, the two sides did not reach an agreement. The owner Mr. Lin even told the media that Ms Feifei took a moment to make them feel less sincere.

    The cover journalist tried to contact Ms. Fe to understand her attitude, but she had been unsuccessful. According to other media reports, Ms Feifei is also willing to be resolved through judicial channels. .

    Posted 3 months ago #

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