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  1. Graphic Three Concepts Let me do my best to deluge Page 26

    End of the World has always been despising a woman to die for a man to live, according to how Ping for a man jumping into the river is for love really careless. If you want to jump because of Shu Huanhuan to the river, there are also a bit of life and death allowable tragic, but because he was engaged with other women, it is not a typical grab to cry about it, so women have to be praised , End of the World three view three concept, are all clouds? Yiping to prove that she is the best spokesman for Qiong Yao. When a man gets married to another woman, she can not live any longer, and her life is worth only this value. She thought of her dependent mother, because of love, you can regardless of the mother, she had thought about her death, her mother would be what kind of tragic situation? Is it important for a mother to give birth to her mother? Such as Ping it? Her later face is what the situation, the mother ran with people, my father cried out to her that you are not my daughter, fiance in the wedding ceremony with others to go, she is not a greater reason to kill? However, she persisted in taking the road and went down. In the anti-Japanese fake bvlgari serpenti bracelet battlefield, she took Nirvana and gave up her love of obsession and blindness. That is, Qiongyao waste wood will ignore the light of the second woman, if other screenwriter, this is a great example of the growth of a great woman cocoon into a butterfly growth legend. It is someone's wedding ceremony, uninvited no matter, do not give sincere blessing forget, what is my song girl, I want to sing. Is there any basic ethics and accomplishments? Is there any respect for the owner? I do not like Yiping Ping said Ruping Xiaoyi put it so haphazardly put Yiping and Junior III confused, but this does have loss of grace, only the nasty writer Qiong Yao will think this arrangement can bring compassion for the hostess And compliment, I do not know is her ignorance and bias, the Epa was shaped into a narrow and funny love clown. If not for the three guarded writers guarding her, the real troublemaker will only be ridiculed.

    According to Ping so-called revenge

    This is the biggest flaw in life, according to even the fans used to show off, show Yiping strong.

    First of all, what is the hatred of Yiping? The answer should be snow aunt designed to let Lu Zhenhua rid her mother and daughter. So that their mother and daughter suffer so much. If I remember correctly, Lu Zhenhua is her monthly living expenses. She has a bad temper and will be beaten when it comes to living expenses, but this money Lu Zhenhua will not give up. After Ralph Lauren sent it to prove this point. As for her going to be a singer, it was her own choice, she was paying for her pride, not for paying for her life. She has no human life blood debt. Whenever Snow aunt and then point, you can pinch her mother and daughter. Because snow aunt know the underworld people ah. With her vengeance of decisive attitude of view, all the troops and soldiers, not commonplace, would not it be funny. Second, who is her enemy, the answer should be Lu Zhenhua and snow aunt, and Lu Zhenhua should be the number one enemy, because Lu Zhenhua is the person who determines her fate, snow aunt means higher, nor can Lu Zhenhua decided to get rid of her both. Insult Yiping mother first and foremost Lu Zhenhua, he married one after another woman, but also irresponsibly abandoned them and their children, Lu Yiping obediently admire him love him, according to Ping's mother finally accepted without complaint Lu Zhenhua To her late beloved gentle township, on this point, I really can not see any sense of revenge before Yiping, for dignity? She did not hate the man who insulted her dignity at all. Therefore, Yiping is the real spokesman of Qiong Yao, love is the war between women and women, men can only fight hard, must not be resentful.

    Most touched my lines

    I know all you have to say A thousand words, you can only say 'sorry' ah. Shuhuan, I did not blame you, nor blame Yiping, I know you both can not help.

    Do you think I will live for this corner? You think you gave me a corner, I should meet. I will be touched by the mess, go home, there are fantasy flowers in this corner of a waterfall, the United States people confusing. You are wrong, book Huan. Leave a corner for me, that's the sentence in the novel. I can not see that corner can not touch, can not eat can not be used. You still leave it to Yeping it. Yiping strong personality, maybe you can not stand your little loyalty unfaithful, you do not take risks. However, I still forgive you, forgive me. I should not let myself exist in this dream. People, if there is no hope, will not be disappointed, right?

    Do not say so serious, this is the result of three of us. All three people have a responsibility. Not your fault, please put away all the apologies for it. Book Huan, everyone must go through some earth-shattering toss, will be reborn, you do not be sad. I have been reborn Do not worry, I will live well. From now on, I will only look at you with a vision, brother-in-law, you love it well. She deserves you to give her wholeheartedly.

    Landlord: when the wind blows when the east wake up time: 2013 02 24 10:32:56

    Case seven: according to Ping beaten

    According to Ping-ping powder, such as Ping-Ping siblings in Lu Zhenhua lesson Yiping, the attitude is ridicule and gloat. Looked at the scene again, snow aunt is completely like a stepmother, for her various dislike and disgust. However, according to Ping beaten, she really did not gloat. Perhaps all along, all she wants is to get rid of her mother, so that they no longer pose a threat to her and her children. But she did not regard them as enemies, and she would never hurt her again if they did not affect her. Meng Ping apathy to her arrival and impatience. But when she was beaten, Meng-Ping was afraid and could not stand it either.尓 Hao Lu Zhenhua intimidation, took a whip. Behind there are good words to discourage. If Ping advised the most, but also promised enough money will help her find a solution. Let her be patient first, do not talk to stimulate dad. Of course, the fierce Yiping is not to say that in a fierce quarrel, her face will not silence. Several times as Ping want to stop forward, was pulled. After Yiping was beaten, Lu Zhenhua gave her the two hundred dollars she had given her. Since then, 'deep hatred' buried in the heart of Yiping, Yiping to treat this family as enemies.

    Lu Zhenhua is the culprit, is it right? Obviously Lu Zhenhua has anger, and even admit it wrong, even silence will not. Various accusations, all kinds of big talk, every sentence is the most severe complaint against Lu Zhenhua. Can only say that she and Lu Zhenhua are too strong, Lu Zhenhua does not mean to hurt her, he believes that a father has the right to teach her daughter. Yipin see the matter more serious here, she believes it is trampling her dignity, she therefore had to cut off relations with Lu. Aunt Xue, is indifferent stepmother, but not to the point of big evil. She did not hurt some of Yiping's mother and daughter and did not owe money to her.

    Meng Ping, inherited to some extent her mother's selfish and indifferent, but also because of age is too small, not sensible, nature is not bad, behind her also admire the metamorphosis.

    Hao, a little weak, lack of resistance to his father, but a good young man.

    Such as Ping, she most want to see the house quarrel, but also the largest maintenance of Yipin. From the arrival of Yiping, she showed a warm welcome, and said to Yiping you are my sister, Ipane countered. As for her twenty bracelet, this is the most criticized by Yipin powder. My understanding is that the only mistake I make is that she lacks the feeling of being involved with Yiping. But this can not be regarded as her fault, she is pampered, can not understand the poor status of Yiping. She also thought she could share her imitation serpenti bracelet little pleasure with Yiping as before. She did not hide her favorite and proud of the bracelet before Yiping, but she did not know this time to stimulate her greatly Exclusion and opposition.

    Lu Zhenhua, he is the culprit in this fight. He was accustomed to the nonsense of others, fake bulgari snake bracelet price listen to what he thought, formed his overlord character. However, he is not abandoned to Yiping's mother and daughter. The opposition between Yiping is essentially an aura of dissatisfaction. It is not a question that can rise to the good and imitation bulgari serpenti bracelet price evil of human nature.

    According to Ping: Lu Jia's hatred is justified, but overreaction. She'd been proud for a while, but bitter her frail mother. Landlord: when the east wind blowing dream wake up time: 2013 02 24 10:33:40

    Her singer is not paying for life, she is paying for her pride. Only when the singer has pride? Dandan in Life and Death Bridge, Shu Qi in Heavenly Port, which did not catch up with his own body and dignity, that is, Qiongyao, an illegible writer, will give Yiping a fairytale singer career. A variety of scenery, all kinds of being respected, extremely protected by the boss, really funny.

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