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  • Started 3 months ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    Baoqing silver floor Thanksgiving feedback season start

    Recently, the headquarters of Baoqing Silver House located on Taiping South Road is very lively. The 'Gold Bracelet Exhibition' is being held in full swing. There are thousands of gold bracelets neatly appeared; In order to repay the majority of consumers love, Baoqing silver floor thanksgiving back quarter Shengqing started the recent gold price cuts, gold jewelry sales are very busy. To meet the needs of consumers, Baoqing silver floor to adjust the goods into more than a thousand models of gold bracelets, held a 'bracelet exhibition.' Exhibition gold bracelets on the process, including milling flowers, mold category, hollow category, technology, such as filigree, style everything. Such as the 'Queen' thousands of gold bracelets, faithful to the traditional classic style, compact structure, comfortable to wear, easy to hook the clothes, not easily deformed, to show the calm, simple beauty. Another example is the 'Starlight' and 'dance', the use of hollow or three-dimensional design, strong sense of fashion Recently, from the fifteenth masterpieces of Chinese arts and crafts and international art fair came good news, Bao Qing silver floor won the '2014 China original Cup of Chinese Arts and Crafts Excellence Award 'gold medal, which is also the art and crafts in Nanjing after another 30 years won the highest award of Chinese arts and crafts. It is understood that Baoqing Silver House was in September 1989 won the 'National Gold and Silver Jewelry Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Award', in November 1989 Baoqing gold and silver ornaments handicrafts once again won the 'China Arts and Crafts 100 Silver Award' The ' Flowers Cup 'selected by the Bao Qing silver floor design fine gold and silver jewelry Kit' Cui Xingxia 'stand out from more than 800 pieces of works for the Nanjing once again won the Gold Award Baoqing Silver House Sheep New Year gold bars recently van cleef pendant necklace copy in Nanjing The store OTC, the sheep year gold bars specifications are divided into 10 grams, 20 grams, 30 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams of 6 kinds of specifications, all made of 1000 gold gold sheep year 2015, pin the New Year new scene, Lucky auspicious beautiful wishes, Baoqing silver building Sheep Year of the Rabbit gold bar 'Three Sheep Kaitai' blessing language book auspicious pattern, the van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace replica gold bar front clever use of paper-cut art, vivid auspicious sheep vividly above the gold bars, Strips, the perfect gold gold bars show the outstanding manufacturing process. Gold bars on the back, printed with 'Baoqing silver floor,' the four official script necklace van cleef fake characters.

    Posted 3 months ago #

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