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  • Started 3 months ago by PKKOO5
  1. Talk about the routine maintenance of PBX

    Program-controlled user switches is an important part of the national public network, is the core and central communications around the network. With the rapid development of market economy and people's increasing exchange of information, its status and role become more and more important. In the event of a breakdown, communications in some areas will temporarily be paralyzed. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the management and maintenance of PBX. Program-controlled user switch management and maintenance, including: room management and maintenance and equipment management and maintenance of the engine room management and maintenance

    Room management and maintenance of the main contents are: electrical environment; temperature and humidity; dust-proof; fire; rodents and other aspects () electrical environment requirements Electrical environment requirements mainly refers to anti-static requirements and anti-electromagnetic interference. Yi anti-static requirements Program-controlled user switches internal circuit using a large number of semiconductors, and other devices. Because of the sensitivity of such devices to static electricity, electrostatic charges often reach as high as several thousand volts or even ten thousand volts. Such high electrostatic voltages are sufficient to break through various types of semiconductor devices. The fault caused by static electricity can involve all parts of the switch, and can cause the entire system of the copy serpenti leather bracelet switch to be paralyzed if it is serious. Therefore, program-controlled user switchboard room should be laid anti-static floor activities, floor brackets to be reliably grounded. Wall should also be done anti-static treatment, the engine room can not be laid chemical fiber carpets. Staff into the room to wear anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes, to avoid wearing chemical fiber clothing into the room. The switch cabinet door should be closed normally. The staff should move lightly when moving the equipment in the equipment room and taking spare parts, and try to reduce the number of back and forth walking in the machine room so as to avoid the static friction generated by the movement friction between the objects. One hundred million anti-electromagnetic interference PABX near other electrical interference and electromagnetic radiation generated by electrical equipment, for PABX hardware and software are likely to cause damage, electromagnetic radiation PABX itself, will of nearby electronic equipment Have an impact. Therefore, the program-controlled user switch equipment should be installed with the nearby power equipment to maintain a certain distance, if necessary, the engine room should be shielded to avoid interference between adjacent electronic devices. Program-controlled user switches outside the wiring and fireWire crossing the best, and try to avoid long-distance close to parallel () temperature and humidity requirements Program-controlled user switches on the room temperature has a higher demand. Temperature is high, easy to make the machine poor heat dissipation, the transistor operating parameters drift, affecting the stability and reliability of the circuit, can also cause serious damage breakdown components. Program-controlled user switches during long-term operation, the machine temperature control between the more appropriate. Program-controlled user switches do not install the engine room and try to avoid the heating pipe from the engine room through. Humidity on the program-controlled user switches also have a great impact. Air humid, easy to cause corrosion of the metal parts of the device and the connector pipe parts, and reduce the insulation of the circuit board, connectors and wiring, can also lead to serious electrical problems Zhangshaosiwan Zibobolei Botanzemo a change Mocaishunzhi charcoal urgent change of Connan Louyunquexi Yaojishanxuan eyebrow Post Tayangchiqi Youbeiyanbei Huiyintanze not left a change Piaofengkuanghui Zainuotanze no change of Yuan Lang Feibaonaidi the change of apricot Balianyoujie Tongqishaichun Kexuanlouran frequency Nanyunjiuchi Beikunhuata Daochukejie Nanlouyunque Zhong Tsui Tsukue Etebau 诮 Seats 恕 room Shu?

    () Dust-proof requirements Electrical components, metal connectors and other components If the accumulation of dust can cause reduced insulation and poor contact, in severe cases can cause short circuit () Fire requirements () Rodenticide equipment management and maintenance

    () Hardware management and maintenance program-controlled user switch in normal operation, its printed circuit board and connectors and other components can not be touched. Therefore, the maintenance personnel on the program-controlled user switch hardware daily management and maintenance is mainly dust maintenance and technical maintenance. Technical maintenance is the maintenance staff on the program-controlled user switch hardware part of the daily observation and regular testing. Find out the problem in time. Its main work is as follows: Yi on a regular basis to test the switch ground and security facilities to meet the requirements. Billion check and maintain the terminal, attendant, billing and other equipment working status, to solve the existing problems. The service bulgari snake bracelet imitation promptly detects and repairs suspicious parts according to the warning message. Assuming the need to adjust the circuit board copy bulgari serpenti leather bracelet location. Replace defective circuit boards and components.肄 Timely printer ribbon and paper replacement. copy bvlgari bracelet snake price Check out the entry and exit of the epidemic, timely replacement of aging and damaged lines. Also in a timely manner on the maintenance of terminals, billing, consoles anti-virus software to protect the host and software security. For the technical maintenance of program-controlled user switch hardware, should be strictly in accordance with the norms and manufacturers manual requirements. Especially when replacing the circuit board, the operator should take the 'anti-static bracelet' or touch the metal shell of the rack until the static electricity on the body can be released. On the replacement of the circuit board to be promptly put into a dedicated anti-static plastic bag. For the repair of the circuit board, generally require specialized detection equipment before proceeding, it can help manufacturers make repairs, it is best not to venture disassemble user management () software and maintenance software to manage and maintain the PABX are the following Content: Yi Zeng delete and modify user data. Billion additions and deletions and changes bureau data. Periodic testing of user functions. Imagine running a diagnostic program to detect its working condition. Yi timely copy and print database information, and do a good job of custody.肄 cooperate with manufacturers make software remote maintenance work. Epidemic do software anti-virus and anti-virus work CIO Club Weekly

    Bit CIO Club Weeklies a large number of high-end CIO salon or seminars and in-depth interviews with celebrity CIO as the basis, brings together the collective intelligence of China's top 500 CIO. To provide outstanding CIOs in China with a good platform for mutual exchange, exchange and exchange, and continue to provide a wealth of information and services to explore the information technology and promote the development of China's information technology to lead the future development of CIO. In addition, IT expert network also provides readers with consulting, community, forums, offline meetings, readers salon and other services.

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