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  • Started 1 week ago by PKKOO5
  1. 3 world of all-powerful meticulous hit double repair wild fire to create measured

    A few days ago the voting stickers, wildfire is the most mainstream fire equipment selection is no doubt that the battlefield so I made a small battlefield this bvlgari rose gold fake earrings set of wild fire Ha However, the choice of property replica bulgari earrings price schools, is a serious attack, or sensitive body or disease Nostalgia, the little indeed did nothing Creative get a heart to heart wildfire, to a play wild fire colleagues looked down:

    Colleague: How can I? ! Do not pull people into the fire pit it! ! Bad fire no future!

    Small: Why, I think you cut people quite cheerful ah Colleagues: completely cut Icy heart you did not see me now! through! in! change! weight! hit! It!

    So even under the watchful eyes of colleagues, the battlefield jiaopu activation one by one into a heavy blow, by the way, bracelets and jade wash into the right, because I feel punish heart or just fine, The heart of this post only on behalf of personal point of view, select the recommended equipment for the post. Not as replica bvlgari stud earrings a basis for the development team to set or change the game One, schools of thought

    Wild fire wild high attack, skill associated with the heart, making the wild fire is particularly suitable for meeting heart. However, with the release of God Kai-shek and 80 battlefield sets, the gods of the soft armor generally improve, purely knowing the heart has been unable to high-god professions such as Bing Xin, read the virtual threat, so you can consider improving the hit on the basis of bvlgari fake earrings price knowing , Increase wildfire output versatility with the components will flow and heavy blow stream, hit the heart and hit a sharp hit the approximate ratio of the value as follows:

    God of War sets - Meeting: hit = 1: 1 (God bucket full of attributes will hit the same value)

    Dayu Earrings - Meeting: Swipe = 2: 1

    Battlefield bracelet - Club: Slightly more than 1 hit

    Battle Ring Necklace - Meeting: Swipe = 2: 1

    Battlefield Jade - Club: a little more than a hit

    Can be seen from the above data, if part-hearted by the plenary session of the batter, the best choice should be God sets, bracelets, jade changed the heavy blow, and earrings, rings, necklaces keep knowing.

    Posted 1 week ago #

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