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  • Started 3 months ago by PKKOO5
  1. Sexual abuse products appeared Changchun doctors said the use of due degree of map

    These replica earrings bulgari eye-catching eyewear, passionate whips, conjoined milk straws and sexy mouth stoppers are some of the most miserable sexual abuse products that, for some, have been previously seen on certain adult websites and only passed Network form secretly purchased. Now such utensils are openly appeared in some adult products stores in Changchun City in Changchun bulgari diamond fake earrings more than 20 square meters of small shops, sexual abuse appliances occupy half the wall. According to the owner introduced Mr. Fan, now has six chain stores, although the store is not large, but the business is still good. Yesterday, reporters in the product information provided by Mr. Fan, see these sexual abuse products are classified as adult appliances, 'a class of interest,' according to Mr. Fan, according to Mr. Fan, he operated these appliances only a month, has been sold 35 items. The best selling number conjoined with milk, sexy eye mask, hand and foot chain (zirconium), necklaces and the like. As all kinds of sexual abuse of goods up to more than 200 species, all on the required five or six million cost investment, so he only had some better selling goods, the rest of the goods need to order Caixing. Among these goods, there are nearly 20 categories of Siamese leather, tied rope, diversity of love swing, fun milk chain. The cheapest necklace, bracelet products more than 90 yuan a piece, the most expensive Siamese harness beam pants, multi-love swing is as high as 1,300 yuan 1,400 yuan. The materials used are leather, with steel rings, chains, locks replica bulgari diamond earrings and other small ornaments, as small as a steel nail can be disassembled like screws. Mr. Fan told reporters that the real sexual appliances ware design process is extremely complex, because the first thing to consider is the wearer's safety and comfort of such products to buy a wide range of people, as long as adults over the age of 18 can buy to use. Mr. Fan said that more than 90% of buyers of sexual abuse products are male consumers, most of whom are aged 30 and 40. Few female buyers, the choice of products to buy only limited to the necklace, a small object such as passion bracelets. 'Most consumers are shy about buying a product.' Often, customers see two replica bulgari earrings price or two salespeople in the store at the same time. '

    Various types of sexual abuse of goods, different viewers. An unidentified economist said sex appliance products are formed spontaneously. Such operations are common in foreign countries, but they are also a new thing in the country to break the traditional culture. Many people are gradually accepting it. The management of adult products industry is still blank, the government should proceed with standardized management and correct guidance Changchun City College of Traditional Chinese Medicine professor and chief physician Liu Xingtian that sexual use has the release of 'sexual' role, and occasionally use harmless to the body, the country did not Intervention and prohibition of such personal acts, as this does not infringe on the rights of others, are not advocated. However, from a health point of view, sexual appliances should not be used frequently, otherwise addictive, the formation of appliance dependence, affecting the normal sexual performance and sexual life, Institute of Sociology, Jilin Academy of Social Sciences Associate Professor Cheng Husheng that from a scientific point of view Abuse and abuse are all objective phenomena. From a physiological point of view, some people will get the pleasure, that is, there is a need for reasonable. The public display of sexual abuse equipment is also a manifestation of social progress. However, sexual appliances itself is a controversial topic, although the medical point of recognition, but as a display and display of goods should be more artistic, more humane.

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