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quite a lot of Ms put on wearing van cleef & arpels alhambra

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  • Started 1 week ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

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    1, a piece of jade, jade may be no variegated, may be variegated emerald. A variegated emerald, you can be non-A treatment. In this way, we can be divided into three categories of jade: (1) natural no color jade. (2) Natural variegated emerald. (3) remove the variegated non-A jade 2 variegated types: generally do not like dirty colors, such as yellow, brown, gray, black 3, variegated distribution; point distribution (more concentrated small impurities ); Line distribution: the surface is a line imitation van cleef bangle (line deep into the interior of the jade); surface distribution (many points concentrated distribution, there may be even into pieces) 4, A cargo jade polished surface texture: (1) polished texture Or arc shape); (2) polished pit (polished crystal missing, the boundary is straight, geometric); (3) the growth of emerald texture (绺); Texture (generally non-fine grinding leaving texture, similar to the texture of Hetian jade, but Hetian jade carpet structure is blanket, jade is a large crystal inclusions small crystals, so orange peel and Hetian jade convex structure is still different) What is a cargo, what is non-A cargo?

    A goods: (1) only cutting, grinding; (2) waxing; (3) red burning; (4) weak acid but not Chong plastic non-A cargo: (1) Pickling and rewash: (2) But dyeing; (3) Pickling and dyeing; (4) pickling but not dyeing but 6, how to identify pickling

    Weak pickling (should be seen as A, so we do not study the weak pickling problem)

    Strong acid wash pattern: Emerald has deteriorated, into a walnut cake. This type van cleef & arpels fake alhambra bracelet of texture is not OK. So you can directly study pickling rubber. B cargo trachoma pits to dissolve the hole in the form of more, characterized by round, dark, black, edge dull corrosion. In addition, B goods covered with curved lines, criss-cross mesh, dendritic grooves, like aging asphalt pavement in general. Although the surface of A cargo can also see the fine lines, but it is the transfer of fine lines between particles. Some poor quality A cargo, due to poor polishing, there will be some grooves, but these grooves appear only in the hard to polish the local, and the edge has not been the traces of erosion 7, how to identify rubber

    There are two types of pickling and pickling

    (1) pickling plastic injection jade small proportion, do not hit a hand. Jade bracelet A, B goods are generally generally based on listening to sound. In the case of no crack will be a bracelet with your fingers lifted, picked up another bracelet or other hard objects gently tapping (be sure to gently tap, hard one is a damage to the bracelet, the second is the sound May be wrong), A goods crisp sound, long echo, was metallic sound; B goods sound dull, hoarse (2) non-pickling glue jade mainly to solve the local crack, chaff. The proportion is similar to the poor quality jade jelly is an organic matter, not the same with the stone (1) reflective effect: A reflective look (to use an indirect light source to see, can not direct light reflection), glue into grease luster, and glass luster Emerald formed two kinds of reflective effect. A cargo texture is dry pit, river, lake. Non-A cargo texture is water pits, rivers, lakes (waxed A cargo is also water pits, rivers, lakes) B, imitation van cleef perlee bangle except for the presence of variegated conditions (variegated must be A, without discrimination), A magnifying glass to watch, A cargo point is the geometric shape, A cargo line is 绺, or straight line, arc. There is also a line formed between the crystals, but generally do not form a closed crack C, non-A cargo Jade pickling texture, is easily dissolved by acid dissolved ingredients are formed after the texture, the texture Is the corrosive texture, with the mechanical processing of the obvious difference between the texture, tortuous, reticular, dense D, pickling texture is filled with plastic, the formation of perspective to see cracked, directly to see the phenomenon of no crack

    8, how to identify staining

    Dyed green cotton-like green

    Perspective effect: Identification of emerald C cargo is relatively simple, usually with a flashlight to transmit it, A cargo of green is the color of the tail, the transition of the shade into a ribbon, and C goods in the light transmission , Green are distributed around the grain or fissure was thin line shape

    9, red jelly in the UV fluorescence reaction under the comprehensive judgment (A non-A)

    1, if the proportion of small, do not hit the hand, jade outside the high quality of light, into grease luster, must be non-A cargo.

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