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a great many woman wear van cleef arpels clover pendant whit

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  • Started 1 week ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    Ruili 300,000 from the data point of view is throwing a bracelet incident

    Internet hot news these days, see some people say that touch porcelain, how can there be so expensive, not carefully protected, a stone, broken into a priceless treasure. Some people say that there is indeed such a rich Ruili, a stall is casually hundreds of millions of wealthy go anywhere, just out of a worth to kill Ma, Wang Jianlin. I only find some data from the Internet, to restore some facts. Interested, please discuss.

    First, Ruili basic data (the following data mainly from degrees mother, does not guarantee the authenticity, for discussion purposes only):

    Basic situation: Ruili City is located in the west of Yunnan Province, China, Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture southwest. Northwest, southwest, southeast and Myanmar adjacent. Area of ​​860 square kilometers (also site shows 1020 square kilometers).

    GDP: Ruili City's GDP reached 8.61 billion yuan in 2016, up 15.0% over the same period of last year, and the growth rate jumped to the third place in Yunnan Province, leading the state! (Data from the government website)

    Population: By the end of 2006, the total population of Ruili City was 165,294. (Did not find the latest, who can provide)

    Per capita income: Per capita disposable income of urban residents and rural residents averaged 28,991 yuan and 9,681 yuan respectively, up 10% and 11.2% over the same period of previous year respectively, ranking the top in the province.

    Total retail sales of consumer goods: total imports and exports of 30.43 billion yuan, local public budgets of 741 million yuan, total retail sales of 3.51 billion yuan, up by 2.2%, 1.5% and 9.2% respectively.

    Second, the jewelry industry situation

    Jewelry City: Jewelry Street, Owen Jewelery City, Juezhe Jade City, Venus stone culture city, Delong International Jewelry City, represented by a large number of jewelry city and the market, the major city of jewelry features different, different characteristics, the formation of The morning market and the night market, finished products and wool, art and crafts, boutique blocks and the general market combined with the local characteristics of the jewelry market system. According to incomplete statistics, at present, Ruili has more than 20 various professional jewelry markets.

    Employees: As of the end of 2015, there are 586 registered jewelry enterprises in Ruili, 5017 individual industrial and commercial households, employing about 60,000 people.

    Third, industry analysis

    There are 586 jewelry enterprises and 5017 individual industrial and commercial households. Suppose a jewelry business opens a booth and an individual industrial and commercial household also opens a booth. There are totally 5603 booths in the city (conservatively, some enterprises or industrial and commercial households at least have a few, of course, there are also jewelry Enterprises for the production of enterprises, do not shop, van cleef alhambra bracelet imitation the total down should not be less than this number). From the 300,000 beaten bracelet screen analysis, this booth bracelet at least 100 (other products not considered), if all the same as the value of the wrestling bracelet, then the value of this booth at least 30 million yuan. The actual stalls must be less high-end products, middle and low-end products are more, assuming 10% of high-end products (whatever a product is 300,000, then according to 300,000), mid-range products 30% (10% , A single 30,000 yuan), 60% of low-end products (1% according to the high-end products, a single 3,000 yuan), the booth value of 4.08 million (only a bracelet, which is not). If this booth average, the total value of the entire Ruili booth 22.8 billion yuan (of course there are larger than this booth, there are smaller than this, you can not know the actual local booth, according to this booth is the average of all stalls. If calculated in accordance with the capital turnover cycle of 6 months (that is, you get the goods you sell an average of 6 months, regardless of your own collection does not sell products), a year Ruili jewelry sales value of 45.6 billion yuan.

    Actual Ruili retail sales in 2015 was 3.51 billion yuan, with reference to the surrounding counties (Longchuan County and Ruili adjacent, and the small difference between the population, the 2016 government work report consumer goods retail total 882 million yuan), assuming that Ruili more out of all Jade bracelet sales, then the actual annual total retail sales of 2.628 billion yuan.

    In accordance with a variety of conservative prices calculated emerald sales of 45.6 billion yuan, while the conservative government estimates based on actual sales of 2.628 billion yuan, the completion rate of 5.76%. The above analysis shows that there is a large number of sales or tax evasion Ruili acts, the actual sales of billions, in order to reduce taxes, only reported 2.688 billion yuan; or business serious fraud, the actual sales of only 2.62 billion yuan, according to quotations Sales of nearly 45 billion, and then assessed by the Jewelry Association 60% off estimate of 27 billion yuan. An industry can do 30 billion sales, the city how more than 100 billion, directly kill China's top 100 counties in Kunshan City (2016 social retail sales of 81.5 billion yuan) to become the top 100 counties nationwide, or even A little more cattle, directly van cleef and arpels bangle fake kill north knock off van cleef bangle Guangshen, becoming China's first city.

    Proposed to calculate the ratio of the above ladies, the actual value of this bracelet: Price $ 30 5.76% $ 172,800.

    Please take a look at the subtle expression of the owner and the gesture of holding hands and shoulders with her hands: she does not care if the collapsed customer goes all the way around the jade bracelet, that is to say, Goods, worthless or worth a single article. Actually, the greatest crisis and troubles are not customers, but all the jade practitioners here. Their fox tails are coming to an end because of this incident. They are deceitful, rogue, unscrupulous, and bribery money laundering. As a result, deeds will be punished as they should be. As the March 25, 2004 Xi'an lottery 'BMW case' in general, and the same as the June 21, 2011, the United States and the United States show off the United States and the United States, the lid is exposed decay rotten offal and dirty soul, it is also because of these means Unintentional sudden 'trivialities' have promoted the transparency and openness of society and the opening of people's wisdom.

    (Yunnan Provincial People's Government Order No. 95 promulgated on June 19, 2000)

    Article 11 Jewelry and jade jewelry business shall meet the following conditions:

    1, in accordance with the relevant national standards and regulations, the correct annotation jewelry jade jewelry name, specifications, prices and operators;

    2, the price tag;

    3, a single price of more than 3,000 yuan jewelry jade jewelry, operators should provide consumers with quality assurance cards, valid invoices, jewelry jade jewelry quality inspection agencies issued with the jewelry color picture of the inspection certificate or certificate of accreditation;

    4, a single price of 3,000 yuan jewelry and jade jewelry, the operator shall provide consumers with a valid invoice and meet the quality requirements of the first paragraph (a) or in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (c).

    Jewelry jade jewelry quality inspection agencies in accordance with the provisions of this article to the operator issued a certificate of inspection or certification certificate fee charged by the standard 5 yuan; a single price of 10,000 yuan, charge 5 yuan; single price of more than 10,000 yuan, charge 10 yuan . .

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