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  1. And bones health

    Vitamin D is a fat-soluble substance that is insoluble in water; can withstand high temperatures and oxidations in neutral and alkaline solutions, but gradually decomposes when heated in acidic solutions; therefore, normal cooking does not cause loss of vitamin D, Can cause vitamin D damage The body can get vitamin D from two ways: gastrointestinal absorption and skin formation. However, oral intake and transdermal conversion of vitamin D can not directly play a physiological role, but also by a series of liver and kidney transformation, the formation of the active form - vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is mainly stored in adipose tissue, followed by the liver, less vitamin A than vitamin A deficiency, decreased calcium and phosphorus absorption, blocked bone calcium deposition, resulting in bone softening and deformation. Rickets cause in infants and young children, cause osteomalacia replica rose gold bvlgari ring and osteoporosis in adults. Early manifestations: irritability, irritability, disturbed sleep, night scared, hyperhidrosis, occipital convex skull deformity: skull softening (ping pong cranial, square cranial), anterior fontanelle closure deformity of the sternum: rib beaded, rib diaphragm groove, rib valgus , Chicken chest, funnel chest Long bone deformity: bracelet sign, bracelet sign, O-leg, X-shaped leg Other performance: Muscle relaxation, frog belly, indifferent expression, language retardation, severe hypocalciuric convulsions, tetany, laryngospasm Osteomalacia

    Easy to occur in pregnant and lactating women, the main symptoms of muscle weakness, lower bone mineral density, bone softening and deformation and bending. To pelvic and lower limbs and other load-bearing parts of multiple, rib softening can endanger the life of osteoporosis

    Occur in menopausal women and the elderly, the reason is that the elderly eat less and less activity, decreased female estrogen levels. The performance of lower bone mineral density, bone organic matter is also reduced, the bone becomes brittle, prone to fracture, hip and femoral head more common, and more difficult to restore the cause of vitamin D deficiency after fracture

    The main causes of vitamin D deficiency are:

    Inadequate sunlight: The tropical and subtropical regions are not prone to lack of sunlight. However, in the temperate zone, frigid zone, especially in rainy and foggy areas and in winter, the amount of vitamin D produced by intradermal conversion due to lack of sunlight is low. Inadequate diet: Vitamin D content is low, food processing, cooking and storage loss or damage, picky eaters, partial eclipse, eating habits, leading to the ingestion of the human body needs relatively increased: children grow too fast, premature children, infants and young children most likely Occurrence, especially in artificial feeding of infants; pregnant women, lactating mothers to increase the demand bvlgari mens diamond rings fake for vitamin D and the diet was not replenished Other diseases: gastrointestinal diseases can affect vitamin D absorption, hepatobiliary disease, liver and kidney damage can affect vitamins D activation of vitamin D poisoning performance

    Long-term high-dose intake of vitamin D preparations can lead to bulgari rings for men fake poisoning, manifested as anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, drowsiness, polyuria, polydipsia, increased calcium and knock off bulgari white gold ring phosphorus in blood and urine, calcium deposition in soft tissue. No special treatment should limit the intake of calcium, disable vitamin D preparations, how to add diuresis vitamins

    Marine fish and animal liver, egg yolk, butter, vitamin D content is relatively more; milk contains less vitamin D, every 100 grams less than 1 microgram. Therefore, milk as the staple food of children under 6 years old, given adequate supplemental cod liver oil, its growth and development of favorable. Cod liver oil in high vitamin D content, do more clinical and daily health care drugs. For infants and children, sunbathing is an important way to make the body synthesize vitamin D. Skin formation depends on the intensity of sunlight, exposure time, the body exposed area and other factors, the intensity of the sun and the season, clouds, air pollution and so on. Therefore, the amount of vitamin D in the skin varies greatly. The recommended daily dietary vitamin D supply by China Nutrition Society is 5 micrograms for adults, 10 micrograms for children, the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers. In the proportion of calcium and phosphorus under the premise of the appropriate, giving 10 micrograms per day has been able to promote the absorption of calcium and to meet the needs of growth and development. Excessive intake (more than 20 micrograms) does not have a better anti-rickets effect, more than 50 micrograms may be harmful. To prevent vitamin D deficiency, to a reasonable diet, adhere to outdoor activities and physical exercise, proper exposure to sunlight, infants and young children, premature children, pregnant women, lactating women, menopausal women and other good hair, vitamin D preparations and calcium supplements can be added.

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