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  • Started 3 months ago by PKKOO5
  1. Changsha pawn shop landscape and more

    First, investors engaged in business activities, cash flow difficulties temporarily. If some shops want to purchase more before the holiday, but can not get so much money, they took the jewelry or car pawn pawnbrook to holiday holiday past, return the profit after redemption Second is ill or have other urgent needs , The cash gap is not large, while securities such as bonds and timebook passbooks can not be honored for a short while or lose more after redemption, some people will take the 'emergency' response. In leek Garden Road, Changsha, east into the pawn shops, just as a jade bracelet Ms. Chen told reporters that her father sick hospital, but also medical costs 2,000 yuan, and do mortgage loans, banks do not accept jade bracelets, do micro-credit time And too long, simply put the bracelet, and then have the money next month to redeem the third is an accident, such as travel wallet theft or budget overruns, unaccompanied and penniless, they are off-site Pawn jewelry and other valuables to meet their urgent needs. A staff member at a pawn shop in Beizheng Street in Changsha told reporters a story: During this year's '11' period, a Canadian boy traveled to China alone. When he came to Changsha, his bank card was unable to 'overdraft' Carry the jewelry with you. As the young man made it clear that he did not want redemption, pawn shops in the determination of gold, the appropriate tilt, so that he can successfully return to Hunan and the letter Code Co., Ltd. interview, the reporter met a lady to come to counseling. She asked: 'My' baby 'worth fifty or sixty thousand yuan, but I only want to be 2000 yuan, the current 10 days, do you think it?' Pawnbrokers staff said enthusiastically: 'Comes are off, welcome Originally, she wanted to travel, 'Baby' afraid of being stolen at home, think banks rent a safe, you can inquire, not only rent expensive, and long lease now the family travel more and more people, jewelry Do not worry at home, with the body and 'impediments', so many people think of another function pawn shop --- short-term 'safe.' And letter pawn before this year's 'Eleventh', it has received such a guest: He opened a brand new 'Audi A6', hurry to be. This car worth several hundred knock off bulgari white gold ring thousand dollars, but he insisted only when 20,000 yuan, and agreed only for 5 days (pawnshops pawn replica bulgari rings for men minimum period, while the maximum redemption time of 60 days) by 20,000 yuan in gold terms, Pawn costs only 200 yuan. Satisfied with the young man holding the ticket away. After 4 days, he came in and paid the fees and drove away. Insiders said that traveling outside, the new car parked outside is not safe, but not spend much money on pawn shops, but also get 20000 yuan to travel. Moreover, the young man was afraid that his friends would go out with him while he was in his pawnshop and could cry poorly with his friends: 'No money to travel, had to drive a car.'

    It is understood that customers will count this account is not unusual. Every holiday, there are many people with gold and silver jewelry, cultural relics and calligraphy visit pawn shops, not for emergency financing, only copy bulgari white gold ring cheap for custody According to the Department of Commerce, Department of Xu Xu, deputy director of marketing systems introduced in Changsha, Note The pawnshop has more than copy bvlgari mens rings sale 10 pawns, they not only solve the urgent needs of the public, but also become a new channel for business financing, from the business scope and customer base point of view, its functions and the bank's mortgage loan business has become more and more close Private business owners frequented pawnshop said pawnshops biggest advantage is to allow pawns to immediately obtain working capital. He said that once the loan was credited to the bank for five days, the enterprise's capital temporarily failed to turn around. He secured the enterprise's machine tool equipment and obtained valuable funds in the pawn shop, thus making a huge profit. Business and letter pawn Limited Zhou always said: 'Many SME owners reflect the bank loans must reach a certain amount, and the procedures are numerous, slow relief, and the pawnshop procedures simple and quick, on the spot can handle, it has become their' Second bank. ''

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