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a lot of Ms. wear vca clover bracelet turquoisefaux become b

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  • Started 3 months ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    100 large record the most beautiful time

    With everyone to report a good news, just long before the identity of platinum Rui car owners, but also in my life label plus 'father' the title. The news immediately burst into the pot at home, the father and mother began to run home three or four times a week, stewed chicken soup, stewed ribs, father-in-law can not wait directly from Chengdu flew in Beijing. In short, at home slowly digest this After the heavy news, both my wife and I are beginning to realize that there may be many things we are not prepared yet. Including the van cleef gold necklace fake home of the egg roll (a poodle), as well as his wife a big belly day by day, walking body shape until last weekend, my wife said to me: 'give me a pictorial it, and then After nine months I became a yellow-faced woman. '

    Cough hypocritical, then I will not say, in short, his wife's wish must be satisfied, so there was such a trip with the film. We can see the post with such a question: In order to take pictures of women can prepare several sets of clothes used to dress up? Picking articles

    Far away from the haze of the city, I set the destination for my pick in the suburbs of Beijing. For the safety of the baby, my wife insisted on wearing high heels, do not wear jeans, but did not forget to go out before the egg shop with a pet shop to be a beauty. Perhaps in her heart, for the baby and had to temporarily leave the egg roll, it is always an unhappy heart knot However, to be honest, my wife purple flower miniskirt with white thinking platinum Rui still quite in tune, a little neighbor girl Fan children small eco-garden after the holiday so much less crowded, so we can shoot such a beat

    Even such a beat will not be a little affected by the outside world, Miya Miya look at his wife's receipt, pick all the way to eat, it really did not leave much cherry.

    The cherry picked into the trunk, ready to beat 'infield' according to the truth, my wife Rui Platinum Rui a little fond of the meaning. Just put a moment when the car also wrapped around my practice every day, that test driver's license, and this will not know the baby was born after she had not had this time.

    The first dress is actually set out in a long dress only, warm-up, followed by large

    Dress like this, if the woman said: 'I want to change a suit of clothes.' Our understanding is that she may want to change a skirt, or a jacket. But the fact is that they will change earrings, necklaces, bracelets, shoes, and then draw a matching make-up according to their skills.

    When the value of noon, due to carelessness, many photos are too exposed, so that the car was a bit dazzling white Please forgive me In fact, his wife's figure is still quite good, even into a big belly woman is absolutely spicy Mom level! Small fresh articles

    My wife said that this is her college graduation to buy a photo of the skirt, although a bit outdated, but full of memories quite hard, right? Flower field articles

    As this time with the film another important viewfinder, my photographic skills finally broke out in the Blue Lavender Manor (in fact, thanks to the edge of a wedding photographer careful guidance). As the car can not come in, so this wife alone appearance is worth mentioning is that the edge of the manor has a very prosperous Maple, steal a trick with the master, really minute blockbuster tempo ah Wife is most satisfied with a scene! Dress 2

    In fact, the green article to the above dress 2 here, the photo has been shot about the same, but came back and saw this open football field, full of green is very pleasing, so there is van cleef arpels butterfly necklace imitation this green chapter . Of course, this is not the point, the focus is that his wife can even find out the clothes.

    Once upon a time, we all hope that this unfettered has been going

    On the egg roll, if no accident, he will be taken care of by my mom and dad, during which time we will visit from time to time, until the baby after 3 years of age, a little sensible and then back to the side about thinking platinum van cleef turquoise alhambra necklace fake Rui, car for a period of time, I give it a 95 point. In terms of motivation or maneuverability or color, I can say that I am completely satisfied with the platinum Rui. In short, for some time in the future it will shoulder the task of sheltering and protecting our whole family. Today's 'threesome' is only a warm-up and is looking forward to seeing the real 'threesomes' as soon as they feel !

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