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  1. The original is

    On October 23, the State Post Bureau issued a circular calling for the full implementation of the inspection and acceptance system, speeding up the collection of real names, speeding up the promotion of mail and express mail, and earning a comprehensive security clearance. According to the 'Postal Law of the People's Republic of China' newly revised in 2015, the postal Enterprises shall establish and implement the mail acceptance system according to law. Users refused to open, the postal business will not accept a few years ago, the city has a number of courier companies have tried shipping real-name system, and now how? Send mail in Wenzhou, whether it will be required real-name delivery, out of the box inspection? On the morning of the 24th, Wendu reporter came to the city to conduct an experiment with four courier companies with a pair of sports shoes loaded with a carton A came to Fuyun City, located in the city's express delivery service station sent a staff take What is loaded inside the carton asked, the reporter answered 'is the shoes.' The staff picked up the box Akira a few times, there is no requirement for out of the box inspection or further inquiry items. The staff took the courier after carefully read for a while, they indicate the reporter: 'Yes.' The face of the sender signature and signature column, the reporter wrote Angelababy (well-known actor, earlier this month and actor Huang Xiaoming high profile married), the staff did not make any response to leave, the reporter specifically asked: 'I heard the recent delivery Do you need an ID card for a real-name system? 'The staff member said:' It may not yet be implemented. '

    Reporter with a tray B came to Jiefang Street, located in the city's postal business office mailings. After the staff got the package, it was weighed and indicated that it needs to replica bulgari black ceramic ring be checked out of the box. The reporter said that the parcel is loaded in the book, and has been specially wrapped in accordance with the requirements, no need to repeat the package. However, the staff member insisted on unpacking. With the consent of the reporter, the staff member opened the package, removed the book, and opened the page one by one to see if there was any other knock off bvlgari rings on sale object caught in it. After checking for any abnormality, the tray was again sealed with tape. At the time of sending a reporter, there are also a lot of guests who come to the airport to send mail. The staff members check the items one after another and remove the illegal items before packing. After the formalities are done, the reporter specifically asked: 'I heard that the implementation of real-name parcel system now, whether the need to verify the identity card?' The staff member replied: 'No, the company has not yet received the relevant notice.'

    Reporters will be equipped with a bracelet C to the delivery point staff. Immediately after the staff took over the box to check. 'Why do you want to open the box ah?' The reporter asked, the staff explained: 'Now check strict, have to open to see.' After unpacking, the staff will be a newspaper into the box to avoid shaking, then The box is sealed The reporter once again wrote 'Angelababy' in the express mail's sender's name, and wrote 'accessories' in the name of the employee as required by the staff. Subsequently, the staff asked reporters to register on a form name, ID number, contact information and other information. Staff took the courier, money, and did not require reporters to show their identity cards to check 'When did you start this requirement? I have not asked to register before sending ah.' The reporter asked the staff: 'There has been such a requirement But it does not matter if he does not register.He sat here yesterday afternoon and demanded registration.

    Relevant person in charge of Wenzhou Express Association said delivery of the message cleaning up the consolidation of the news has spread, but so far have not seen the official documents and specific implementation details. However, the recent courier companies have stepped up their management in this area. Sending customers are mainly divided into personal and bulgari ceramic ring fake unit sent two, in the future real-name system implementation process is the same or different treatment, or a question mark for out of the box inspection, the official said the postal regulations on the open items Box inspection is clearly defined. Previous courier companies are implementing, but the high rate of bulgari black ceramic ring fake unboxing is not good but not good, 'each package are out of the box inspection, it is bound to extend the receipt of the time, the delivery business, an increase of workload.' In addition, he also said that prior notice has been received, starting next year, the local express delivery companies must be equipped with mail courier X-ray machine security inspection, 'there is no real name registration, but out of the box inspection is there.' Wenzhou, a courier company Company manager complained: real-name system is not realistic, there is the risk of identity information disclosure. 'Courier company salesman flow so much, in case someone sent the identity of the sender to remember it? Very dangerous.'

    In interviews, there are also express delivery company managers that criminals may use false identity cards to evade the constraints of the real-name system. 'If the guests came over to send mail without ID card and you do not send it, then the business may be yellow.'

    August 14, 2011 at around 5:40 pm, Hangzhou Chao-Ming Street Knife Lane No. 220, Tianyuan Court district residential floor shops, Shanghai Yuantong Logistics Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Jianguo Road Branch came a loud noise, A package shipment exploded, leaving two of the company's employees slightly burned. It is understood that the mail is a man sent, did not leave the name, the package is not effective Contact September 15, 2015 15:15, Liucheng County, Liuzhou, there have been 18 express parcel explosions. The explosion occurred in Liucheng County Trade City, County Bureau of Animal Husbandry dormitory and other places, killing 10 people were 51 injured.

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