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  1. Galaxy Gallery 丨 Shuyuan ELEMAGE beauty course 2017 course forecast

    Born in Macau, Azalea Ho studied Fashion Design at the OTIS School of Art and Design in Los Angeles, USA and later earned a marketing degree in International Design from the Fondazinone Cuoa School of Business in Italy. She worked at Michael Kors, Speedo and Giorgio Armani and founded the eponymous apparel brand in 2012. She loves art, creation, music and philosophy, inspiration comes mostly from the perception of life and the beauty of nature. During the period with Longines watches and other famous brands, design low-key luxury, hope to share with the wearer in the details of the delicate pursuit of life. Azalea Ho has the bvlgari rings on sale fake same name Azalea Ho dress series and Misazal clothing. Azalea refers to azaleas, designers want to wear really like enjoying the elegant style of flower unknowingly into the brand style. She is happy to share the design concept of high fashion and the history of British-style afternoon tea, the dress code of British-style afternoon tea, the similarities and differences between Chinese-English afternoon tea, how to arrange the formal English afternoon tea, the type of afternoon tea, the afternoon etiquette , How to prepare tea, hold the cup way, mixing method, high table and low table, the specification of sugar and milk, how to eat Sifan etiquette how to prepare tea, hold the cup way, mixing method, Sugar and milk norms, the eating of Sconcilable table etiquette history Western origin and culture, table setting, dress etiquette, the principle of order, co-ritual seat, the correct sitting posture, how to order a restaurant and restaurant service standards , Use of napkins, ordering of meals, use and placement of tableware and cutlery, proper use of napkins for food, toasting and drinking, physical stamina at meal time, pay and tip (different from Europe, USA, Asia and Australia) Taboo topic body combing, shoulder control, strengthening imitation vintage bvlgari rings the legs, straight, the correct footwork, leg spacing, book exercises, how to make the legs look More slender, different seated positions when wearing flat shoes and high heels, standing posture when wearing long skirts, standing posture when wearing short skirts or pants, how to showcase your jewelry, how to show your bags, take pictures, pick up objects , How to enter the room to make a difference, how elegant and smart to leave the room image brand building and life planning, self-image value analysis, image positioning, mainstream aesthetic, social expectations, business dress golden rule, understand your skin color / face / Body type and the basis of shape, color, type of cognition, clothing style color recommendations, accessories style color recommendations, makeup hair color recommendations, hairstyle recommendations, ladies occasions dress etiquette color expression and color psychology, body color classification, face Relationship with the collar type, the relationship between face shape and clothing profile, the choice of features and glasses and other jewelry, the relationship between facial features and clothing patterns, the expression of personal image style Clothing lines; style dynamic, static and clothing color), image management hidden factors, personal image of psychological analysis (Ring, watch, bracelet, bracelet, earring, earring, ear nail, necklace, brooch, brooch, pocket towel, Scarves), the three dimensions of advanced etiquette training etiquette, the meaning and value of respect, the commonalities and differences between eastern and western etiquette (hand over and handshake, nodding and nodding, kneeling worship and courtesy, blessing and knees) Greetings and appellations, self-introduction and introduction of others, correct handshaking, exchange of business card order, seating rules and prioritization (Chinese and Western), communication etiquette, gift selection and gifts, introduction of others, kissing ceremony, correct title , Dress up, how to elegantly enter and leave, how to start a conversation, personal space, the true meaning of ladies' hats, the commonalities and differences between etiquette and etiquette, the value of etiquette creation, the way of greetings and handshakes, self-introduction and politeness Presenter, Title, Exchange Card Order, Position Etiquette, Communication Etiquette, Gift Giving Professor Floral Design Basic skills by observing attitude plant, shape, texture, color matching and the use of related materials and floral design to open imitation bulgari black ceramic ring up horizons of students. Combining etiquette courses with the principles of everyday life time, place and occasion, you can learn the value of table floral decoration and gift box design, open the artistic aesthetics of floral art door, How art is cultivated, art appreciation skills guide, the basic knowledge (art genre, representative work), what works can be sold, how art works can be bought and sold, what kind of art is a gallery, And the importance of the role of art galleries, where the primary collectors from, art observation and sensitivity, art innovation training face analysis, how to modify the proportion of the best face to determine the color, how to choose their own foundation, face and facial features Three-dimensional modeling (light and dark techniques), different eyeliner painting, eye shadow color choice and mix, the use of mascara, eyebrow and face with the choice of blush, lipstick selection, hair style modification, personalized makeup Positioning, make-up techniques Practical how to choose different types of wine and grapes and knowledge of wine in the world's producing areas, How to identify a wine label, how to open a bottle of wine, how to present a wine, observe colors / richness and transparency, aroma level, terminology (body, tannin, aftertaste, balance), year, cup knowledge, how to hold a cup And shake the glass, wine with, how to renew the cup, the resistance of wine, copy buy bvlgari ring online wine purchase and storage of high fashion custom sources and traditional spirit, the French apparel culture, the real senior custom requirements, daily wear and semi- Identification and selection of advanced fabrics, design concepts and elements, the beauty of the craft, the international size standards and custom processes.

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