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  • Started 3 months ago by PKKOO5
  1. Thieves will be 75 kilograms of heavy safes back away owners are totally unknown

    Video surveillance photographed two thieves wrapped in a blanket with a safe back downstairs, one in the back of the video surveillance assistance photographed two thieves wrapped in a blanket with a safe back downstairs, one person in the back to assist with the care. Guangxi News Daily Life reporter Feng Yaohua intern Huang Lili photo

    At 4 o'clock on the on the 7th, Xingning District, Nanning, two households on the second floor of two households were stolen, the crime is exactly the same way, the thief knock off bvlgari sun pendant cut the stealth anti-theft net into the house to steal property, and two families are at home without any notice at home Even more surprising is that a large family of 75 kilos of large safe by the thief wrapped with blankets directly back downstairs, all of this was video surveillance of Mr. Yao living in the district on the second floor of 11 buildings. On the morning of the 7th, two thieves climbed up the second floor from the roof of the external replica bvlgari pendant wall of the first floor, prized the glass door of the balcony after cutting the invisible security net, and entered the second house of Mr. Yao's home, stealing the safe weighing 75 kilograms, And from Mr. Yao's front door to leave, take the elevator out of the unit door. However, at this time in the master's rest, Mr. Yao did not know this, after waking up in the morning and found that his home is missing, only aware of their own home was a thief. He first reported to the area waist pond police station, then went to the property company to see the surveillance probe video shows that the thief at 4:59 carrying a blanket wrapped safe, another accomplice assistant handling and take the elevator out of the unit door , After which the two thieves disappeared in the picture, including residential surveillance video on each door can not see its trace Mr. Yao introduced stolen the safe have more than 10,000 yuan ready to be paid to the site workers' salaries, There are necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other gold and silver jewelry, as well as several commercial contracts, a total of 3 million loss of co-incidental. Mr. Zhang, who lives in the same district owner, was attacked by the thief in the early morning. Mr. Zhang's home also lives on the 2nd floor. The tactics used by the thieves are similar to that of Mr. pendant bvlgari fake Yao. The thief into the living room, the phone is being charged on the couch and the wallet in the room stolen wallet in more than 1,000 yuan of cash stolen why the thieves rampant crime? Reporters entered the district every door with bvlgari necklace imitation gold the owner card brush access card, the district from time to time there are security patrols, car into the car have to take the card. So, thieves how to steal the safe it?

    Many owners report to reporters, although the district to install multiple monitoring probe, but the probe is not without dead ends. In addition, the area there are some blind spots without monitoring probe installed. Reporters visited found that although the door of the community out of the card, the underground parking is free to enter and exit, even if not able to take the elevator on the 1st floor above the floor, but still be able to negative from the first floor to the third floor to walk freely, and The reason why the thief through the stairs into the district so easily and easily implement theft, there is a key factor invisible security network. According to the owners, invisible security network is the uniform requirements of the property company to install, you can not install the iron security network. In this regard, the property manager Lu said the district, the reason why not allow the installation of iron security network, because the first out of fire safety considerations, iron security network invisible security network in the event of a security incident is difficult to get rid of Second, it is also an anti-theft factor. As long as the lower-level households have installed the anti-theft anti-theft net, an upward step will be formed and the thieves will use them to extend the theft. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation. (Reporter Feng Yaohua intern Huang Lili text / map)

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