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  • Started 3 months ago by PKKOO5
  1. Why did they choose to be a lady?

    Like Xiao Song and Ah Juan, many 'miss' did not want to do this at the very beginning, but 'Miss' is the easiest way for these young women from the countryside to integrate into the modern era. The 23 interviewees, six years Fieldwork, Associate Professor Ding Yu, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Sun Yat-sen, both in the book and in the class, have mentioned that it is not easy for them to enter the research field of 'Miss' The research on the special occupations of the population community is still a book, showing us the real life status of the group of 'Miss.' Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan, the forefront of reform and opening up, the vane of modernization, I do not know how many people, especially from the hinterland of rural areas People see this as a dreamland. 'Miss' Lan Lan's parents working in the city, just three years to change the living conditions of the family, Lan Lan from the TV, tape recorder to see the shadow of the big city, feel elated and incredible, which made her go Feel the modern idea in the city As young women from the countryside, having no money, it does not matter, no status, almost all lack of social resources, let them in a very vulnerable position. Some people say that you can do as a female worker, why do you have to be a knock off bvlgari heart pendant 'Miss' stop Xiao Song, a female franchiseer, to do the hard work: 'All the work in the factory is constantly nailing all kinds of buttons, sitting ten A few hours, the eyes must be blind. '' Only 400 wages less than plus overtime pay can not get 800 dollars. 'Often by the leader of abuse' stupid pigs '' do not understand anything ', but also Look at the boss look. Xiao Song felt that time was 'bite the bullet,' so simply resigned out 'in the big city is very slim copy bvlgari pendant ...... that you come out of the rural areas will never be able to return to rural areas, in rural areas anyway, no money ... but you Out a month then how have money to earn, but also work under the eaves. 'Ah Juan had been the first to do a nanny, people always look at people face; later flour mill to work, no technology, for a machine does not understand ; Then karaoke OK to accompany singing, and then went to the restaurant to work and a man often eat to be familiar, he let Juan do not do it again, that is to say that she was raised. In this way, Juanjian officially started his own 'Miss' life. Like Xiao Song and Ah Juan, many 'Miss' did not want to do this from the very beginning, but 'Miss' is the integration of these young women from the countryside into the modernization The easiest way to integrate into the urbanization of their own can only be through the symbol of urbanization to meet their own desire to consume - they think that young people should have a slim body and healthy skin to build up the makeup and accessories . 'Miss' Xiaoxia wardrobe covered with sparkling dress, black skirt, A word skirt chiffon ... a variety of shoes, high-heeled, cake shoes, black flat shoes ... ... and a few Box filled with colored necklaces, earrings, bracelets, flowers and so on. She said she is going to dress now: 'You Cantonese value people's clothing. You see people's first look at the image ... ... you wear a little better people talk attitude is not the same, at least you do not think you Is the countryside ... '

    Not only the image of the appearance of consumption, they also read magazines, playing mobile phones, Internet, a new model of popular cell phones, immediately compare with each other to see who's full-featured. A common topic after their gossip is to see who the best mobile phone decoration, the most lovely. They also want to live upscale community, think this is a symbol of identity: 'If you tell people you live in this district, it sounds good, people will say, oh, luxury ah ... ...'

    In this way, even in the true urbanized life without hukou protection, the 'little ladies' are not forgotten on the verge of modernization. These tiny daily acts may seem insignificant or commonplace to ordinary urban people, For them, they are the focus of integration into modernization. Only in this way can 'ladies' be able to act as tiny elements to struggle and fight against a discriminating social environment. The scholar Pan Suiming made use of his fieldwork to propose that 'Miss' is a right. 'Miss' is just as ordinary as us. 'Sex' can be a kind of work altogether and deserves to be respected. Ding Yu has put forward different views in the book, she hopes from the 'lady' own point of view, emphasizing their own subjective feelings, 'Miss' red said: '(Miss) can not think it is a formal work. Not the same, with normal work ... can only be said to play at most, mixed days.

    'Miss' Lan Lan once went with the guests abroad, which makes her feel 'suddenly met the world,' talk to others envy others endless, she also lamented: 'Once people come out from the countryside really will be very Different, just like me ... It is also an experience to come out to the country from the countryside ... You just asked me I do not think this is a job. I tell you, I think it is an experience, not a job. '

    Even if some women admit that this is a job, they do not agree with the saying of 'sex work.' 'Miss' Ah Juan said: 'If I do sex work completely, there is no other, simple sex, it can be said, but I do something else, not just sex ... ... to drink, chat, Singing, to think about what guests how to entertain, how much they can have ... ... after all, there are many other things, so to speak a bit too single, that a little too much emphasis on sex, but not good. Including the lady, everyone Do a little fight

    The content of this article is only the book 'Her Desire - Pearl River Delta migrant community special occupation research' glittering, interested friends can find the original book to see. Fortunately, we arrived at Ding Yu, and she conducted a brief interview, be regarded as a supplement to some of the outstanding problems in the book Xiaonan: Some people pointed out that your research is more 'rosy', emphasis on the Miss lady group of romantic beauty Is it possible to assume that if you go to such a study now, what is the difference in perspective?

    Ding Yu: On the one hand, it was caused by the perspective of the age (twenty-five years old) at knock off bulgari pendant that time. On the other hand, the focus or purpose of my research was to present another color. Because before the people talk about the group of young lady felt their life is ups and downs or gray, black, life is more miserable. But I wonder if their life really has nothing else but this color.

    I feel a person's life should be more than just some tragic aspects. They always have something to support her living in such an environment. So I wanted to find such things at the time, which also decided that my research tended to explore their autonomy, see their more powerful side, how to deal with these difficulties in life Xiaonan: You do not mention in the book Miss met the risks, such as violence, illness (AIDS, etc.), Miss how to deal with?

    Ding Yu: At the time when I was doing a field investigation, the greatest risk the women in Zhanjie encountered could be robberies. I even had several people who had a gang rape and were good. As a result, I came to the hotel at once The other one is a drug, because 'yellow gambling' does not divide the family, and 'gambling' has met less in my investigation. 'Poisonous 'There must be many and many; and there is a situation that is afraid of raiding police, it will feel very troublesome. Because the police will take them to the police station, urine test, and so on, so toss a night gone. These are some of the threats that I find very real. What should I do if I encounter these situations? It seems that there is no way to feel very desperate, in fact, more desperate is that they use drugs but there is no way to quit. There was one interviewee who said that she had already gone to drug treatment center six times. Of course, it replica bulgari gold pendant was also because her boyfriend had also used drugs so that the two men could not even quit. It can be noted that her voice is also very hoarse because of her drug abuse, including that she also said that her medicine was knocked too much and her head was not clear-headed. In fact, after seeing these things will feel very, very desperate. Can not imagine her six into drug addiction treatment or no way to quit life is like.

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