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many woman wear van cleef arpels clover bracelet goldimitati

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  • Started 1 week ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture party secretary Chen Jian

    April 25, 2015 I traveled to Yunnan with the delegation. Throughout the tour, Kunming arranged two shopping spots. Dali arranged two shopping spots and Lijiang arranged a shopping spot. My hand itch, each shopping point to buy goods, group tours 3360 yuan paid tour, arranged at the tour guide to buy tea, silver cups, silver bracelets, Huanglong jade, jade spent 26,543 yuan. Now to say April 28, in Jade City, Dali ASEAN I purchased two pieces of jade. Before coming to this shop, tour guides in the car all the way to our knowledge of jade, jade blowing how good, appreciation, not vulgar, can raise people and so on. In this shop, I bought a jade bracelet, price 9688, payment 9688; a Buddism godness Guanyin pendant 8196, payment 8196, a total of 17,884 yuan. At that time the entire group spent a total of more than 90,000 yuan in this shop. After the shop is finished shopping in the bus, I saw the bracelet above there is a clear crack, get off with the tour guide said he arranged Jade City staff to drive over to take over to the store to solve, said that if It is necessary to polish this, polished to re-exchange a new one. After resharpening, this did not go to the rift, but because it was polished, it was not round at all. It was a bit flat and the clerk knew it, so I arranged for me to pick a knock off van cleef & arpels engagement ring new one again. Pick to choose not to pick the right, not here there is a flaw is flawed, and finally the tour guide has come, re-selected a bracelet priced at 14,680 yuan, the bracelet is not a place where there is a round, a little flat, The tour guide knows that I know the clerk knows that the manager in the shop knows that under the tour guide's lobbying, how good is this piece? He says he negotiates with the manager for free and does not change this one for free To the right, do not understand, finally agreed. Along the way, I was uneasy, with no joy, my heart tightly, always feel that they have been pitted, cheated. Finally, the end of the tour back to the local, to understand jade, jade business friends looked at, my friend said: this emerald only worth a thousand or two. Also said that this emerald bracelet work is not perfect, rough, there are many scratches, the head is also generally, and that Guanyin pendant up to only about 1,500 yuan. After I listened, my heart pulled cool cool, like lost soul, the price of a serious high virtual, goods wrong board. I now want to return, I want to safeguard the rights of the Internet search found that many tourists complained about this store, also found that some tourists finally returned successfully, some did not return success. Urge Dali knock off van cleef & arpels wedding ring Consumer Association Network to help solve my return problem! When I buy small emerald knock off van cleef and arpels emerald ring receipts, invoices are preserved, because at home, it is now unable to upload to the site.

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