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  • Started 3 months ago by PKKOO5
  1. Silver wedding is how many bvlgari sun pendant fake years of marriage

    How many years are the silver weddings? These are the topics that the young couple are more concerned about. On the 1st day, the couple and the husband and wife have to remember the day of their marriage and the wedding anniversary is indispensable. Let's take a look at how many years the silver wedding is, and what is the meaning of the silver wedding.

    The number of years of silver wedding? No matter in the United States, France, Britain or Japan, the 25th anniversary of marriage became a silver wedding, but only in Russia, married 40 years to become a silver wedding. Silver wedding is also one of the most solemn marriage age people celebrate, and most people also celebrate golden wedding, and they usually invite their relatives and friends to attend the party. In North Korea, however, there is no clear definition of how many years a silver marriage will have and no detailed introduction and title for each marriage age in their country. Only one of them is known as toasting for the elderly. Relatives and friends, neighbors also bring gifts to congratulate. Host banquet visitors, people singing and dancing, celebration activities are very lively. What good gift to send silver wedding

    Parents are married for many years and their lifestyle is also a factor to consider when choosing a gift. A commemorative class rings, earrings, bracelets Common gifts at wedding anniversary Couple holding hands symbolizes a lifetime of their blessing Pillow, cotton quilts, please make bulgari pendant fake a special design tradesman, embossed with their name above the silver plate above engraved With a date and its name, a permanent memorabilia Portrait painted by the professional painter Parents are worthy of permanent collection of memorable gifts Good deeds or love letters of parents Please write down Calligraphers, and framed to commemorate the recall class B parents' wedding photo Carrying out well-framed parents to regain the sweet memories of the past to re-hold the wedding ceremony to invite relatives and friends, let parents review the happy time remarried wedding photos so that their children act as bridesmaids, best man honeymoon travel to help them achieve their marriage failed to achieve The desire to make a family movie can be rehearsed remembered memorable party or festival, for future re-arrangement of their parents to revisit so that they have to live and work place. Silver wedding is what

    Silver wedding, remembering the day of the wedding: Qingqing I am the end of the day, grace love love, but it seems a little bit more fanatical, less deep point. Silver wedding, the most willing to overlook the golden wedding memorial, the most hope is to be able to love each other this life, side by side to the future years.

    Silver wedding, we sat together without a lot of whispering bvlgari men imitation necklace love, no bvlgari rose gold imitation necklace longer quarrel for trivial matters, the most talked about is the parent's pension, the child's future; walking on the road though no longer embracing each other, Twenty-five years of hand have been transformed into spiritual support each other.

    Silver marriage, our demeanor is more and more similar, our spiritual needs and material needs are more and more common pursuit. There was no discussion of what happened in front of me, but the two mouths made the same speech of the same tone. A knowing smile, a tacit understanding and resonance of the show, but also the years you sharpened me, I have you.

    Silver wedding, we have hand in hand through half a century of life. Stormy, accompanied by the same boat, the forehead printed on the vicissitudes of life, the pupil is full of worldly climate, years of limbs imprinted on the imprint of the ring, life brewed for each other enough to drunk life of love and wine. The first blessing in the early morning is the other's health. When the small beggar cares most, there is no more peace than the other.

    Posted 3 months ago #

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