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a great many Ms wear vca alhambra necklace rose goldimitatio

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  • Started 3 months ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    dnf Berserker equipment selection from civilians to local tycoon final equipment

    National dress update in September exploration >>> DNF daily model patches recommended

    1. The choice of weapons: mainly with more than 3 after the killing no shadow can not be changed not recommended to brush the abyss Recommended new people to buy the fake purple transition shadowless good is better than a legend 65 turtle Lord powder devil with Good additional damage is not high fire own property Oh go off the fire is right

    2 armor choice: 3 sets + pig 3 reckless 3 best position bracelet belt underwear (3 after the property to go to strengthen the pig shoulder position and belt replacement) pigskin and pigs pig pig students, buy sets Fake purple transition to buy cheap coat Enchant 15 force The first out of imitation van cleef and arpels engagement ring a piggy bank to buy expensive waste Bottom loading can be the same dimension Such a set of more troublesome, especially the ruthless hand Really hands see the character direct Pig students recommend leave Buy a good purple under enchant 30 force to use for a long time

    3. Jewelry selection recommended grief hands 2 ancient hand Luo Wu? Who? Who knows who are now basically know that these two expensive and waste necklace Pazai no money on the grief necklace is not bad ring on the ring orchestration enhanced 16 attribute enhancement 3 burst a little expensive song Randis has enhanced the epic attribute of the ring do not go to strengthen the property at least have to Titan ring a blood don't say you know

    4. Auxiliary equipment prison blood devil - Royal Hain cloak brush picture on the general imitation van cleef and arpels emerald ring level with the king runaway and wake up desperately point to the cloak, high-power purple is not bad

    5 magic stone is not recommended to limit the ultimate flow of enhanced stream Titan enhanced beads 125 and 30 properties of enhanced contrast almost double the price difference so recommended a Titans 3000W no money to 11 properties and 50 independent magic stone cheap and practical fake purple magic stone Really not force which force and 11 property enhancement ratio? Not cheap

    6, strengthening the basic properties to fire more 11 fire card hundreds of thousands of local tyrants can light 3 12 6000W take the dark can also be a 45 epic dark magic stone must go dark version of the current version jewelry enchant property enhancement is more independent To eat fragrant magic stone independent economic issues to choose the fashion shirt personal recommendation choose to run away shoes brush map must be strength attributes QP full strength full strength full title summer independent title this year's national day is also good labor title 5 this year, property enhancement Fortunately, a quick go to receive the first such a post, pure hand playing a fake van cleef gold ring little chaos Hope that newcomers can do anything I also do not understand I also ask you to correct

    Posted 3 months ago #

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