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Many of woman put on wearing van clover bracelet goldfaux be

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  • Started 3 months ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    63 gifts are all endangered animal products Outbound shopping must have eye

    China Economic Net June 14 hearing (Reporter Yang Yang Teng) hawksbill bracelets, sea Liu cigarette holder, crocodile bag ... ... a traveler in the overseas travel carefully selected 'gifts' because they are van cleef alhambra copy necklace all endangered animal products and was intercepted outside the country . When summer peak travel abroad, Shenzhen Huanggang Customs reminds passengers, outbound tourism shopping must have 'eye.' In the wee hours of June 13, a Mainland visitor immigrated to the immigration hall from the Huanggang port in Shenzhen and failed to declare to the customs office. When the replica van cleef and arpels black clover necklace passenger entered the customs inspection area, the customs officers asked the luggage will bring their own baggage machine to be examined. Passengers will be extremely heavy luggage into the light machine, the Huanggang Customs officers found on the image display screen some special patterns. Customs officers immediately carry passengers and luggage into the inspection room. Open the trunk, customs officers found the box stood many bracelets, bracelets, cigarette holder, satchel, clutch, belts, etc., and the texture of these items are very unique. Bracelets and bracelets are brown, translucent material, the internal multicolored dark brown markings, soft luster, penetrating bright, very beautiful; cigarette holder is also brown, hard opaque, far looks like a lot of wood. After a meticulous carving, exquisite and exquisite, different forms; bag, clutch, belt, etc. are all crocodile skin at a glance material, vivid and delicate texture, soft copy van cleef and arpels black clover necklace and tactile feel, shiny. The preliminary statistics and identification of these seized items a total of 63, respectively, 12 were hawksbill bracelets, hawksbill bracelets 11, the sea Liu cigarette holder 3, 2 crocodile bag, crocodile hand bag 24, crocodile leather belt 11. The photo shows the entry of animal products under the protection of international conventions seized by Shenzhen Huanggang Customs. When asked by customs officials, travelers claim that these items were bought on the local market while they were traveling in Madagascar and were originally prepared to be returned to relatives and friends as 'gifts' but did not expect all the items to be endangered Wild animal products. At present, Huanggang Customs has transferred the case to the customs anti-smuggling department for further hearing. According to Huanggang Customs officials, hawksbill, sea willow, crocodiles were included in the 'Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora' appendix. Hawksbill turtle, also known as the 'Thirteen Scales', is a larger-scale turtle that is crystal clear and translucent, so it is often hunted to take its carapace as a luxury handicrafts; also known as 'black coral' Extremely slow. Due to being over-collected in recent years, it is now on the verge of extinction. However, the existing number of wild crocodiles has also been very scarce. Internationally, they are included in the categories of 'Prohibition of International Trade' and 'Control of International Trade' according to different kinds of rareness. Huanggang Customs reminds us that we must pay special attention to the acquisition of handicrafts and gifts of animal and plant products during the summer trips to other countries and do not purchase the animals and plants products that are protected by international conventions when they travel abroad.

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