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many Miss put on wearing van cleef arpels alhambra bracelet

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  1. nikesasasassa

    Most Dong costumes

    The oldest dress coat is Dong Xin clothing, used for Tibetan Festival or Lusheng Festival, also known as Lusheng Yi. T-shirt is a long-sleeved style, under the straw-style curtain skirt, decorated with white feathers. Serpentine serpentine snakes and patterns embroidered on the dark cloth, both gorgeous and mysterious. The 'chain lock Silk Embroidery,' superb artisan, has a long history of North Dong's imitation van cleef and arpels white gold alhambra necklace most gorgeous costumes are reported in Beijing Zhenyuan County girl costumes, the head of a silver garland, hair, filled with radial silver replica van cleef and arpels pearl necklace flower, a group of brain hanging Silver flower. Blouse right collar without collar, long knees one or two inches, collar encircled with dark waistcoat, sleeve satin dark satin, the chest is a long coat waist, waist with colorful, embroidery Beautiful embroidery pattern. Wearing silver earrings. Silver collar two or three, chest hanging big silver, silver bracelets, wear long pants, underwear with the same material, leggings inlaid with five inches wide dark lace. Feet wearing embroidered cuffs South Dong most typical summer women's clothing: Women from the Jiangtong cave summer dress, head pull bun, slightly deviated to the left, bun decorated with flowers or silver flowers. Wear earrings, rings hanging three or four bright beads. White shirt, self-woven Dong cloth. Chest cardigan, apart from three inches, open chest, the Department of a diamond lining around the waist, blue, collar at the collar at the top, decorated with a symmetrical triangle pattern, mostly butterfly deformation patterns. There are two lines around the waist belt, hanging in the back, tied in a double round silver pendant, both the waist around the part, but also the back of copy van cleef necklace clover the important decoration, and some were multi-faceted sphere of silver backfat. Small sleeves, lace cuffs. The length of the coat and the middle of the thigh, split on both sides of the five inches, appears slender elegant, wearing a blue pleated skirt, long and knees. Legs on the green cloth leggings, sandals or cloth shoes. The whole set is beautiful and simple When walking, wears long curls and short skirts. It not only fully shows the female body, but also shows the unique and moving charm of the girl in the Dong nationality. All of these make the natural selection of materials, styles, colors, Dumping the most typical Dong men clothing: Liping County, Huanggang area youth apparel, head bag Gap, blue, green, white self-woven Dong cloth, bag law was about up cross-shaped, Baotou larger. Jacket purple flash of the special Dong cloth, unique style. Shirtless collar, cardigan from the middle of the neckline right horizontal inch inch at the Department, but also straight down to the waist, and then to the left cross to the middle, and then straight down to the hem. Subdivision round silver beaded and silk cloth buckle two, six pairs, each pair of double breasted. Tight short shirt, sleeves cling to the arm, waist belt, appears to be tight and strong. Wear long pants, large trousers. Foot wear green shoes or straw sandals. Wear silver bracelets, and some will be fine silver cigarette case hanging on the right side of the coat. Tight pants under the loose, a large masculine men masculine most beautiful costumes: Women in the Gaoshian region from dress up, dress with a spear-shaped hairpin styling hairstyle will be fixed. Silver hairpin at one end was round flower, about six inches long. Head decorated with all kinds of silver, silver head, silver bow, etc., like a silver hat like to wear on his head, completely cover the hair, the top also inserted a long tail of silver pheasant, walking, Silver pheasant silver flash on the head, gorgeous, eye-catching. Neck wear silver necklace ranging in size from four, back with hexahedral silver backs, chest hanging two silver chains and silver beads string. Purple flash side of the waist, neatly arranged round silver, as many as seventy, the whole piece of the waist almost entirely composed of silver symmetrical pattern, and the other silver waist baskets, both hands each wearing a silver bracelet 34 Only, the heaviest silver body as much as more than 10 kg wearing the shortest dress: Shuiping area Liping clothing girl, wearing short skirts, blue, short skirts to the middle of the thigh, waist slightly longer than the skirt. Knee wrapped in green cloth leggings, the Department of light blue cloth belt, pull the knot in the knee lateral leg, the most heavy silver bracelet wearing green shoes: Datong area Jinping girl, hand wearing a silver bracelet, weighing two pounds two Bracelets Carved dragon engraving, or birds and worms, are made by local craftsmen.

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