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a great deal of Lady put on wearing van cleef & arpels clove

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  • Started 3 months ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    DNF85 version of the dark monarch three genres Brush plus point analysis 3

    Then purple town, for the percentage of the flow XX need to cooperate with the full purple town after the ice makes Moonlight, Carlow enjoy the addition of ice, and purple town deceleration effect makes the output more comfortable Small ice can be considered a level, After the ice with the cut and flash, additional damage to enjoy the addition of armor, the total better than the tombstone ghosts come and chicken brother are recommended full, ice has been said, it is necessary, with purple, but I personally or Purple town like to put it out, TYF how van cleef fake clover necklace to use purple are uncomfortable. If you like to drop the purple purple town purple bar +1 +1 match with magic 6 is the perfect replica small van cleef necklace match for the whole figure hit ghost flash, I Le go. CD is also short, so handsome TP consider full EX ghost flash, EX carlo, EX Ghost Whip, EX moonlight. Due to the fact that the percentage of the flow is basically ice after opening Carlo XX Moon XX ghost whip XX ghost flashed map, or full of these commonly used skills, EX red, green and purple to see personal preferences bar summary: furious anger 6 relatively good Achieved, there are many vacant parts, with high-strength weapons, replica mother of pearl van cleef necklace soul fall, anniversary bracelets, magic stone, left slot, etc., there is no tombstone so many parts restrictions. And ghost flash control stable, single brush is very easy.

    Posted 3 months ago #

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