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a lot of Miss wear van cleef arpels alhambra necklace yellow

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  • Started 1 week ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    4-year-old child surgery to remove the rubber band wrist nearly 4 years have not been found by their parents

    Small root rubber band, grow into 4 years and 4 months Dragon (a pseudonym) in the wrist. Until the doll recently surgery, the root of the rubber band was found only by the doll's parents. Yesterday morning, by surgery, this rubber band in the dragon's wrist was taken out of a small rubber band and grown into a 4-year-old and 4-month-old dragon (a pseudonym) wrist. Until the doll recently surgery, the root of the rubber band was found only by the doll's parents. Now, this rubber band has affected the dragon's wrist bones, left hand initiative straightening are very difficult. And why 4 years did not find the rubber band on the wrist of the doll, the dragon's parents said that the doll began bathing and dressing at the age of 3, and they neglected. Yesterday morning, by surgery, this rubber band in Dragon's wrist was taken out of bed in a 4-year-old and 4-month-old dragon with a thick bandage on his left arm. When the child was 1 years old, her mother, Ms. Lu bought him a silver bracelet, hoping to keep her son safe. Miss Lv recalls, dragon wear the bracelet has been the same until December last year, the grandfather found the doll left hand silver bracelet a little tight, so took down the results of the child left hand wrist appeared a van cleef and arpels alhambra bracelet knock off ring mark. 'Very deep, it feels very hard.' Ms. Lu said the grandfather thought the bracelet is too tight, so I found some anti-inflammatory drugs to the doll to eat. But two weeks later, the baby's left hand began to swollen. Five or six times in the local doctors saw no matter van cleef and arpels clover bracelet knock off injections, medication, or Chinese medicine, Western medicine have tried it again, the swelling can not afford to go. April 18, the family came to the Chengdu Women and Children Hospital with dolls, 'has always been that ring scarring caused by the suppression of silver bracelets.' Fu Song, deputy director of Pediatric Orthopedics, Chengdu Children's Hospital, said, Asked the parents of medical history that the doll was born after his left wrist has not had this scar, but this position has worn silver bracelets. 'There are annular scars on the wrist, with the growth of the doll, the scars do not develop in sync and cause the development of distal extremities, so the scars need to be resected.' Fu Song said the inflammation should be controlled and awaiting the acute phase of scarring In the past, about three months later surgery was a surprise:

    A rubber band grows in the flesh

    June 8, a dragon and then came to the hospital, the situation Dragon Ball wrist more serious: a long bag inside the wrist, there are pus. Doctors quickly organized drainage surgery, after the cut, we were shocked: there is actually a rubber band inside the wrist grow in the meat. 'The thickness of this rubber band, which may not be worn after 1 year of age, is likely to be worn shortly after birth.'

    Fu Song said that according to X-ray display, Dragon's wrist bones are also affected, the left hand initiative straightening difficulties, the future need to observe the impact of bone development. Rubber band is not about to break the skin, may be part of the first ruptured the skin, and later van cleef replica bracelets a good skin, the skin will fall into the skin. Children are generally fat, wrinkled skin, many parents may be negligent. 'If this time did not remove the rubber band, serious cases can lead to amputation.' Fu Song said that this foreign body grows into the skin, he first encountered why nearly four years did not find?

    Dolls bathing themselves, parents neglect

    Yesterday, the operation was over, after the dragon was awake, she said to her mother that the rubber band was worn by himself. 'Always thought it was a bracelet small hoops, which know is a rubber band,' said Mr. Ho father. Why this root rubber band in the doll hands 4 years have not been found by their parents? In response, Mr. Ho said that as soon as the dragon was born, he followed his grandparents to live in Ziyang. He and his wife worked in Chengdu. Only when the New Year is over can one family reunite each year. Ms Lv said another reason: 'Doll at the age of 3 began to take a bath myself, the family has not found any strange.'

    Because of traditional customs, some parents like to wrap their fingers and wrists with red threads or bracelets on their fingers. Last year the hospital also received a child who had amputated the fingers because of the red line of fingers. Fu Song said that in daily life, parents should be more attentive to children, so that we can detect problems earlier and prevent them as soon as possible.

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