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a great deal of Miss wear van cleef & arpels alhambra pendan

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  • Started 3 months ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    Chapter 47 Zhang wake up

    {Collection of more than five hundred, plus a chapter today. Red ticket immediately broken thousands, dare not let another plus dragons it? If you dare, vote! }

    'What a lot of it? Then wait until tomorrow to say!' Zhang Cheng Zhao Yuan Shan looked like this piece of tenderness, his heart is very comfortable, offended my brother, that is offended me, offended I would like to be mixed Pass? This time Zhao Yuan Shan is really anxious, and he once again shouted Zhang Cheng, the sound a little trembling, the stamina is obviously not so full before, obviously, he has to compromise Because, apart from compromise, he had no other solution 'how, agreed?' Zhang Cheng smiled, he already knew Zhao Yuanshan will agree with their conditions how to say, when he learned a lot on Earth Psychology knowledge, therefore, Zhao Yunshan how to choose he is crystal clear 'that, we can consult about ten years of income is too much, can not less ......'

    'Stop, I said ten years that is ten van cleef and arpels perlee bracelet replica years, a little less will not work, of course, you can not give, but at that time, I did not come to you to negotiate, but my master, I think you know 'My master, his old temper, is not as good as me.' Zhang Cheng interrupted Zhao Yuan Shan's words, 'hey! Well, ten years will be ten years. However, I hope to establish a joint relationship with you and Zhang. If in the future, Door is difficult, but also hope that Zhang can be shot aid, of course, vice versa! 'Zhao Yuan Shan also saw the future prospects of Zhang, so want to hug Zhang's thigh,' Well, I promised for my father However, the specific things that you send later come to negotiate in detail, but the premise is that you first owe us ten years of income to bring over, otherwise all free .Zhang Cheng agreed that although he is not Zhang Zhang, However, Zhang want to be strong enough to have enough strength can now Zhang Although he has this Dan Daozong disciples do backyard, but Dan Daozong after all, far away from here, it is inevitable that there will be some young people play He Zhang Idea, at that time even if he came, but also can not find someone and Tianfengmen is the most powerful near a martial art, if they can establish a joint relationship, then Zhang is absolutely nothing but good Things, and this van cleef replica bracelets can also be to ensure the safety of Zhang, so he agreed to come forward with a happy 'rest assured, I will arrange this matter back to Zong Men, it will be completed in recent days! Zhao Yuan Shan mood some good replied, 'ah, well, then you go back, as soon as possible to implement the matter!' Zhang Cheng waved his hand and hurried them to leave, he wanted to do before he left the matter, otherwise, He did not trust to go 'Well, yes, both ...'

    'Well, we are all aware of people, do not use innocent people to charge the number, and bring it back!' Zhang Cheng waved his hand and said, 'Oh, then fake van cleef arpels bracelet we will go away again!' This Zhao Yuan Shan Daoshi did not refute Zhang Cheng However, his understanding of Zhang Cheng has a new look after all, Zhang Cheng at the moment is just a little more than 10 years old baby only, but that is, but there is no less than the city's government and observation, which inevitably Let him sighed, such as Zhao Yuan Shan walk, the afternoon he promised 10 years of income has been sent, but because too many things, so they use dozens of storage bags, as to why there is no use of storage Rings, it is because they like Tianfengmen martial art, simply can not afford to save the rings to know that the value of the storage ring is quite expensive like the magic of storage tired, the smaller the volume, the greater the space inside, The more difficult it is to build and the higher the value is. Therefore, even a large party such as Dan Daozong can not possibly save one ring, but their storage equipment will be more refined. For example, storage Bracelets, storage belts, storage necklaces, etc., but the storage ring is one of the most compact and valuable storage bag, can be said that the lowest level of storage magic, because of cheap, easy to make, so by The favors of the lower order monks After counting a bit, Zhang Cheng was almost scared even the mouth almost fell down The dozens of storage bags put all the gold coins, a full 10 million, which can be said that has caught up with China With the year tax revenue Although Zhang has been mentally prepared before, but to see so many gold coins, or can not help revealing the appearance of sluggish, even more disappointing even the saliva are left in fact, this is also Can not blame him, because both on earth and here, gold is the endorsement of money, and, he had never seen so much gold, so he would have shown so appearance at night , Zhang gradually wake up, but one thing he woke up after death, because his memory is still in the waste of time, so he did not want such a useless to live.

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