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a lot of women put on wearing van cleef clover pendant turqu

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  • Started 3 months ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    OL exclusive evaluation to help Gao Yunxiang pick handsome gentleman for Dong Xuan

    In this Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show, OL fortunate and Yijun Jun Gao Yunxiang put aside everything in this romantic city talk watch. Wanted to choose for his wife Dong Xuan a gentle temperament for his female form, has become a high Yunxiang to the important task of the exhibition!

    When a handsome high Yunxiang suit with a suit appeared in our interview site, the blowing gas field, suddenly let people forget that the wild screen Yijia Wang, a good figure is comparable to the model though Wear a suit is very handsome, but the bones are more willing to free pure him, prefer simple and clean daily wear. T Shirt + leather is always his winter standard, even with a chilly winter's day!

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    Some cautious interview from the beginning when asked about the issue related to the watch, Gao Yunxiang chatterbox opened, and told us to share a lot of watch-related stories, happily recount to go to places he bought strange Quirky watches and his own style is also very suitable for the dress is more graceful. Because perennial filming, wearing the watch for very little time, so these beloved watch more from time to time out to play, maintain and wipe Click on the picture to enter the next article >>

    The grand all the way to BASELWORLD watch event, see a lot of pleasing watches, high Yunxiang also generously share with us, want to choose a suitable for her wife Dong Xuan, elegant and gentle temperament of the ladies wrist Table want to pick the female form? Better to put this matter to OL elite assessment team now!

    So, the heart has always been to remember the meaning of the Drainage Wang election form OL elite assessment team of small partners, selected from a number of brands out of 4 gentle and intellectual temperament of the women's watches come together, come together for the King's staff counselor!

    Dating back to the birth of ladies' watches, the size of the dial was small, since most of the women's watches were decorated for the time being. Today, the trend of this small dial seems to return as girls backpack smaller and smaller, this year's assessment team's small partners found that many brands have introduced a small female watch the style of small dial. More compact watch models delicate, set off the elegant femininity of women. alhambra style necklace replica And as the world's smallest women's circular mechanical watch to meet the female consumer demand for mechanical movement. Trying to get started feeling very lightweight and fit the wrist, the diamond on the dial inlaid with 32 diamonds even more prominent extraordinary temperament, purple strap with a good, can bring out van cleef clover necklace sale fake your good temperament, dating Ye Hao to participate in important occasions Ye Hao or very suitable Wear Bvlgari Bulgari

    PICCOLA LVCEA series watch

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    Recommended reason: In order alhambra style necklace imitation to make the LVCEA series of product lines more perfect for customers to choose more, this year Bulgari watch last year the size has been improved to 23mm dial size for the series into a new vitality! Snake scales chain becomes more slender, but also adjust the comfort when worn to make it more fitting wrist. The bezel set around a circle of diamonds, it is shining but not overly exaggerated, when attending important occasions or parties, through the blessing with the bracelet, ring decoration, so that your wrist to become the focus of either the production process or The brand itself, these two 100,000 + senior women's watch, a mechanical quartz, according to their own needs and preferences to choose for the average consumer, what are both elegant and elegant and suitable for everyday wear cost-effective Watch it? OL lean evaluation team of small friends who once again caring for everyone to choose two million-level watch for everyone to choose RADO radar

    True True Series open-core watch

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    Recommended reason: This white polished high-tech ceramic material to create the watch, see it feel it is special. This watch is the case, the earliest in the picture information, I did not have too much on this watch look forward to. In fact, you try to wear it you will find her beauty. Minimalist dial with two years of fire is very Nice Milanese strap, office workers in the daily working life to wear decent generous and very wild. The Milanese strap is better fit the wrist, there are other styles to choose from.

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