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    Four courier logistics company founder's hometown

    According to a report published by the Financial Times website on April 18 entitled 'Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province: The Cradle of Private Express Empires,' some of Xiamacun's mansions are located in a small village nestled in the depths of China's mountains many. While the luxury car with a $ 13,000 Shanghai license offered more clues - not unusual. The village reported that a hometown of four courier and logistics founders, Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province, with a population of only 400,000, In January, the four courier companies listed on the stock exchanges in China or foreign countries, turning their founders into billionaire Zhejiang province, known for their entrepreneurial culture and close business community. Its coastal location has also benefited from the export-oriented light manufacturing that started in the 1990s. By the early years of this century, Wenzhou became the world's premier lighter and eyewear maker. Near the city of Ningbo, 'the limit daily death squads' because of the bold speculation in the stock market, Zhejiang provincial capital Hangzhou is the headquarters of several large Internet groups such as Alibaba Tonglu County, scenic, spring, green hills dotted with a piece chain cartier replica of yellow rape field. However, the remote geographical location of Tonglu hindered its economic development. In the early 1990s, there were only impoverished villagers in Tonglu County who were willing to 'work hard'. The first courier or riding three rounds, or use other simple modes of transport. The city people can not stand the pain of such work. '

    Reported that Tonglu help the 'godfather' is Nie Tengfei. After successively moving to Hangzhou and Shanghai, Nie Tengfei, who was only 20 years old, founded STO in 1993. Shentong, an employee made up of relatives and fake love necklace gold friends in his hometown of Tengfei, initially started to send cakes, biscuits and drinks but the key breakthrough of Nie Tengfei was that he realized that Shen Tong could deliver business documents to make more money. Exporters need to declare From the various manufacturing centers in Zhejiang to the customs office in Shanghai, it took three days for China Post to send documents from Hangzhou to Shanghai, and STO provided overnight service to 600 households in Xiaotang Village, home of Nie Tengfei, in the village The long relief wall records 25 years of courier industry history. In an embossment, an official is fining a courier. The following is provided with the text description: At that time in accordance with national regulations, the domestic express delivery only allows China Post, private express delivery has been caught in the cracks 1998, Nie Tengfei killed in a car accident. Other Tonglu people quickly took over his banner. In 1998, Nie Tengfei's brother Nie Tengyun founded the rhyme. In 2000, Tonglu people Yu fake gold love necklace Wei Jiao established Yuantong courier, his wife worked in STO. In 2002, the old employee of Shen Tong and the founder of cartier necklace price knock off Tonglu Renmaisong established the deputy general secretary of Tonglu Shanghai Chamber of Commerce Feng Genfu said: 'The earth-shaking changes have taken place in this village. People who leave their homeland are the masters of the house. They all have big houses When the Spring Festival goes home, the team lined up in luxury cars can not wait.

    By around 2005, the e-commerce boom led by Alibaba has led to extraordinary growth with couriers covering all parts of the country, transporting clothing, household items, and appliances, and even shipping just-completed meals in recent years. Last year, China's logistics companies shipped 31 billion packages, an increase of 51% over 2015. These four couriers were listed one after another at very short intervals. Even their methods of listing show similarities. Except for China Express, an initial public offering completed in New York in October last year, the other three couriers are backdoor listings in Shanghai or Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, which include the acquisition of low-quality listed companies as housings and injection into shell companies assets. This approach allows them to avoid the stock market in mainland China for years to wait for approval of the IPO process Xiaatang Village, 84-year-old Wu (surname) surname is a large house porch sunbathing. He wore a stylish tweed hat with gold rings and bracelets on his hand. His legs were not handy, but there was someone around him helping him - his son hired two babysitters to help him cook and clean. Counting the son of the elderly, he has 14 relatives in Shenzhen courier company to work, he said: 'Of course I remember Nie brothers in this village we are all relatives. Nie home boys in the past poor. They used to be Sleep on the ground. '

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