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    Rickets Early symptoms of baby's rickets

    Pediatric rickets, also known as rickets, is a disease of skeletal development that is primarily caused by inadequate vitamin D intake. Many parents because of the symptoms of pediatric rickets do not know much, often fail to find and delay the child's condition. What fake gold love necklace are the symptoms of pediatric rickets in the end? How to prevent pediatric rickets?

    Symptoms of pediatric rickets

    Pediatric rickets are mainly early symptoms of night scared, love necklace gold replica sweating, irritability and other atypical symptoms. Parents should be wary of the occurrence of rickets if they find their children often sweat on their heads and sweat every time they sweat, such as pillows, crying, etc. Signs of infantile rickets are mainly manifested as skeletal abnormalities and can be observed in children Square skull, pillow bald and skull softening; teeth and fontanelle closed slowly, especially in 10 months after birth have not teeth, fontanelle still not closed after 18 months, etc .; chest ribs uplift or imitation love chain depression, there may be Beads, costal cartilage ditch symptoms, there will be severe chicken breast, spinal deformity, bracelets, funnel chest or lower extremity deformities and other symptoms How to prevent pediatric rickets?

    1. Pay attention to mother's health during pregnancy. Mother to strengthen nutrition during pregnancy, so as to have more nutrients to be absorbed by the baby, you can eat foods rich in protein and vitamin D, such as eggs, lean meat, animal liver, etc., to the chain cartier fake outdoor sun can also promote calcium absorption 2. try to use breastfeeding. Breast milk relative to milk, not only nutritious, but the proportion of calcium and phosphorus inside the appropriate, suitable for baby absorption.

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