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plenty of madam put on wearing van cleef arpels alhambra jew

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  • Started 3 months ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    dnf female guns 2 feel equipped with ideas dnf female guns two Jue equipment options

    After the second awakening artillery ushered in a new wave of enhancements, and later because of the revision so that the big skills have been cut a lot, but in the copy of An Erno, as the gunner C submachine C occupied a lot of status. However, as a copy of the most difficult, we must first have some equipment and injury requirements. The author itself is only a gunfire annihilated 6, so I can only explain to you a variety of annihilation 6, some of the damage strength. But actually hides the first 4.5% independent, the second 9% independent, the third 20% independent attributes. The key is that this weapon can also enjoy the addition of milk father, to enhance the basic injury 20% 27% does not contain ignorance. )

    Say some, SS is notable, so do not have to go to the pursuit of a weapon, I also wear it from the release of souls, when the soul was originally put on the souls of only 2400W or so is equipped with , Equipped with a very important point. My previous equipment is to annihilate the left 5 pieces, Shadow Charm Shadow Tops, right slot 85 powder is a strong stone, burning the ring of China, the sky of worship, annihilate the bracelet, Top of the temple. I was just the strength of the panel 2000, 2300 or so independence. I was always entangled in how to enhance the equipment, then the leader told me to say something I always remember that 3% of 1000W and 1% of 5000W, who hurt high? So do not go to the pursuit of equipment to bring the percentage Enhance the installation has been formed when the basic panel upgrade is also very important with the addition of annihilation accounted for 6 positions, the remaining we need to be accompanied by the yellow, white, explosion damage. Can be a bit, the word yellow damage is the value of the figures show the direct damage after the attack color is displayed, direct damage; white damage is non-direct attack triggered by the additional value of the additional display of color damage, can be understood as indirect injury Do not hurt to hurt it. We must first meet with these three types of equipment, it is worth mentioning that the yellow words and explosion can not be superimposed, it can only have one type of equipment occupied, but the white words can be superimposed, so in the satisfaction of the conditions can be more The better. Popular to explain it, in the case of yellow words, the more white the better I use the equipment as an example, the yellow character is the Shadow Charm shirt, 18 yellow words. White is the spirit of the soul to bring the handgun, 16 white, explosion damage is the title of the 10 brought a lot of explosive equipment, I may not be able to finish, but just remember the relationship between the three types of damage after the match It is not a problem I can burn 2400W when the power of 2000 damage, so that is equipped with a very important point. I have a union which has a gun of the artillery of the deserted, 2,300 strength of 2500 independent, but the fine fire is only 3000W yellow, white, explosion damage, indispensable. White characters can be superimposed, yellow words and explosion only take the maximum value. In fact, these should be very important, there are many online methods, but some did not tell us what should be based on how to fit, so we do not know it, but they do not know why the three types of damage after The rest, to enhance the foundation, but what is the main attribute?

    The leader said that once the priority of the various attributes of gun niang. Strong> Independent> Strength> Physical attack. This though not necessarily, but the van cleef & arpels alhambra earrings replica property enhancement is better than the other properties, the specific situation varies from person to person, because each person's equipment basis is not the same. Enchant aspects of the annihilation 6 fire enhancement is better than several other properties, to enchant, basically fire-based enhancement, the flame of the card that fire +16 and strong also with Dozens of points of independence is not bad. Another point, without sacrificing the yellow and white words, the fire property to strengthen the heap on how much on the heap. But if there is no yellow and white words, the fire property to strengthen more harm will not be too high independence, this weapon can give you hundreds of additions, forging 8 weapons will give you more than 400 independent attributes plus to make. There are independent left slot, An Lute left slot to bring these are also quite high-strength promotion, with magic card, red words. . The point is this is really a fake van cleef alhambra earrings burning stuff. . The current strength of the author is more than 2,300 close to 2,400 (PS: 2400 recent activities, but actually naive 2300 +), but only one of 4 Scarlet Letter no increase 10 can be imagined. Enhance the various properties, especially when the property enhancement Do not be too deliberate to pursue, I raised to 3600W from 2400W just because of the Spring Festival set of pets and pets brought precious beads, pet equipment to bring enough fire properties to strengthen, but The author of the current equipment, property enhancement has been almost satisfactory, and the rest is the basis for improving the last point, fake van cleef onyx earrings equipped with what you must have is dress up, BUFF sets. Only a burst of firearms BUFF potential, 10 proficient, but heap to 20 levels. Perfect BUFF sets 20 potential attack power increase rate of 70%. Duration of 2 minutes of potential explosion means that within two minutes will make our output damage will be more of a level, there is a BUFF sets of cannons and no BUFF sets of cannons mother injuries are two different things I also civilians, so I can not afford Skills Pearl to 9 pieces of debris with 20 potential eruption. Wraith of different parts of 3 split soul with green breath to increase the potential explosive attack rate increase, this is the author, but also a lot of civilians with the method. In general the perfect split soul 20 ultimate potential will be more than one or two percentage points more than the fragment 9, but not much difference First, the miracle dragon artillery, produced in the Tower of the Lord, the potential attack Force increase rate + 15%. This thing do not have to spend money, each week brush Tower of Lord Tower, almost a month can be made out of a coat, many people are using the 55-level heritage, but now the inheritance price of 55 was fired too high, so I PK field equipment used. Dedicated section of the blade edge Breastplate 30 skills for all career +1, the potential is 30 outbreak skills. Conditional friends can also be upgraded to true

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