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In modern times Fashion people would select imitation cartie

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  • Started 1 week ago by sdjisafhshfuk
  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    Very useful to turn down

    1. nail polish after the fingernails soaked in cold water, will do very quickly 2. nose blackheads are unsightly, hand squeeze and often leave traces, in fact, you can wash the face, with your fingers stick some fine salt on both sides of the nose gently rubbing, and then rinse, blackhead will be cleaned, the pores have become smaller 4. sleep, nose plug, very hard to accept, in a face cap Small handkerchiefs (thin can), after a while on the nose to breathe 5. drink with a straw drink, anti-tooth decay 6. Peas on the back, with bath salts or Shanghai sulfur soap, stick to the passage of time

    7. Governance rhinitis remedies, nasal irrigation with salt water 8. Vitamin E coated eyelashes, eyelashes will become thick and long

    9. Many cups at home have tea stains, you can use toothpaste brush, wipe the tea stains, a brush down 10. If the clothes on the accidentally drip oil, before washing clothes, keep the clothes dry, Then drip detergent drip place, then rub twice, wash, then there will be no imprint

    11. there is sand or foreign objects into the eyes, immediately spit, spit more, and then stop blinking, try a hundred Braun 12. drink tea after eating fatty foods, can stimulate the autonomic nervous system, promote fat metabolism 13. Coffee mate more fat than the potato chips 14. Just put a small piece of chalk in the jewelry box, you can make the jewelry luster 15. Eat something with smell, such as garlic, stinky tofu, eat a few Peanuts just fine

    16. travel with clothes if afraid of pressure from the fold, you can put each piece of clothing into a roll 17. If the throat, inflammation of the gums, and at night watermelon cut into small pieces, dipped in salt to eat, remember that it must be at night, when The symptoms will be reduced, the next day just fine

    18. When it's just bitten by mosquitoes, it does not get itchy when applied copy cartier rose gold ring with soap

    19. mouth with ulcers, stick with vitamin C in the ulcer Department, so it basically melted ulcers

    20. If there is a small area of ​​skin damage or burns, scalds, smearing a little toothpaste, can immediately stop bleeding pain .Tooth yellow, peanut can be chewed in the mouth, and brushing three minutes, very effective

    22. cartier rose gold ring knock off eat spicy things, I feel going to be spicy dead, put a little salt in his mouth, with cartier rose gold ring replica a bit, spit it out, rinse mouth, it is not hot

    23. Yangtou eye drops slightly open mouth, so that the eyes will not blinking a whip 24 wrist thick MM want to bring a thin bracelet, it can not be hard with a plastic bag should be put on the hand and then bring a bracelet, Very good fake cartier ring mens band, it will not hurt the hands, remove the same method is 25. stomach pain, press the tiger's mouth 26. fried poached egg, the drop in a few drops of water around the egg, fried egg is particularly delicious 27. when severe acne big squeeze toothpaste on it, swelling fast, only about 2 hours we should wash, or piece of skin bitten black 28. am drinking green tea appetizers, Stasis, brewing wolfberry can improve pm Constitution, conducive to sleep 29. Do not immediately eat meat after drinking tea, tea contains a lot of target acid protein, this protein can cause fatty liver.

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