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  • Started 1 week ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    岜 sand girl embroidery busy

    Xinhua Guiyang, April 18 (correspondent Liang Yu) Spring season, Congjiang County, Guizhou Province Baoshan usa usher in many tourist attractions, people are watching the green safflower spring beauty and simple rich ethnic fake van cleef and arpels mini alhambra necklace customs At the same time, the ingenuity 岜 Sha Miao girl used to receive tourists leisure time to get together embroidery scene, a tourist's eyes a beautiful landscape in Baisha Miao Village, where the girls learned from their mothers hand embroidery unique skills , Dressed in beautiful clothes, is his stitch embroidered out.岜 Sha women's clothing simple copy van cleef four leaf clover necklace and very beautiful, the coat with self-dyed soil made of bright cloth made jackets, coat cuffs, fake van cleef necklace pink edges are embroidered with color silk embroidery decorations, coupled with Miao Wang Fang Yin triangular apron, with Antique embroidery pattern, the bottom is a pleated skirt, with silver collar, bracelet. To do such a set of clothes, enough to spend three months of girls to make Today, Xisha girl's embroidery skills, not only become the tourist's eyes in the landscape, but also become an outsider to understand and perceive the ancient sand mysterious people A window of culture.

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