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A lot women wear van cleef arpels alhambra pendant rubyfake

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  • Started 1 week ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    Wear the president Wen female main swollen what break seven roses

    When the child was in a car accident, Lin Shuzheng bargaining with the landlord, fancy the house expensive, the house of the right price and she was singled out many problems, and van cleef and arpels mini alhambra necklace knock off finally can only sell their benevolent face, the last generation and all the tragedy in this world novels Experience are set in their own body, playing sympathy card, for the best price to rent a house. 'Try pretty bracelets, and even pleasant to Lindau,' here's something really good, do you want? '

    'You are sincere, can think of me.'

    Fan Shuangshuang did not hear the words mean ridiculed. She said: 'Of course, although we usually do not have very good relations, I am kindhearted and look good on the children.

    Lin Shusheng potential asked, 'children?'

    'Children, children are ...' She turned a glance, did not find anyone in the mall, patrolled, shocked, 'The kid is still here!'

    Lin Shu began to scold his face, 'You're a big ghost! I have to emphasize how many times with you, we must be optimistic about the children optimistic about the children, can not let them leave their two meters away, how do you as a result of the wind!'

    If it is normal, Fan Shuang frost to be scolded back, now know that he is wrong to naturally refute, hurriedly took off the bracelet back to the clerk, run around looking for, anxious and said: 'Now how to do?

    'What to do, go to the hospital, children accident!'

    Lin Shu get off, ran into the hospital from the door, to explore the specific location of children, they went straight up the stairs, when the two children have checked the bandage finished, lying in bed and other mothers, Lin Shuyi door, they can not wait to get out of bed Rushed past, shouting mom 'how? Pain hurts? Where is the problem?' Lin Shu squat body, up and down check their injuries, 'the doctor said no problem.' Small ten honestly answered, my sister was carrying a Legs, pouting unhappyly, 'I had a big hole in my knee that hurts.'

    'How can this be made?' There was no life worries for the two children, and Lin copy van cleef four leaf clover necklace Shu's hanging heart fell, then could not help but reprimand them. 'My mom told you dozens of times several hundred times, do not leave van cleef necklace pink knock off adults Around, do not go to dangerous places ... ... '

    'Mum ...' might not be able to stand the mother's ramble, the little ten pointing to the room remind her, 'Look!'

    Lin Shu looked away and saw a man standing by the window, straight suit, tall body, deep, indifferent face, and the momentum at the moment she forced her to stand up and unconsciously pull the two children Behind them, the calves generally protect their Xiao Ban see the situation, eyes involuntarily disdainful, 'What is your name Lin Shu?'

    Lin Shu nodded, my heart a while throbbing 'we ... ... is not where ever seen?' Xiao Yan walked long walk in the past, standing in front of Lin Shu, after seriously looking at some asked.

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