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Today In the present everyone will select copy cartier leve

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  • Started 3 months ago by sdjisafhshfuk
  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    Broke the jade bracelet tourists video apology not to evade but to go by boat

    'Fainted woman's body has no problem, and we are negotiating the issue of compensation.' According to Lin Wei introduced merchants, about 10 o'clock in the morning, the store staff to give a bracelet for packaging, bracelets on the counter, the Try wearing a bracelet on your hand as the woman walks. 'As a result, she accidentally dropped the bracelet and broke it into two sections.'

    Lin Wei told reporters that in the knowledge that was broken bracelet price of 300,000, middle-aged woman looked very nervous. Lin Wei said, then the woman fainted, 120 came to the ambulance came to the hospital for treatment 'There is no alarm, things have happened, we can accept less than the cost price of compensation, but do not let us lose too much. Lin Wei said that due to the other party's compensation is poor, the two sides are negotiating a reasonable compensation price after the incident, how to properly watch, buy emerald also led to a new round cartier ring diamond imitation of discussion users. Emerald business nearly 10 years of Wang Yuying said Emerald merchants in the selection of jade goods, there is a jargon called 'jade hands.' 'Man touch the emerald, it will lead to its surface is not smooth and can not determine the true and false of jade. In addition Jade is a fragile product, once dropped in the delivery is difficult to define who made mistakes, especially when the amount is large, the compensation is not only difficult to distinguish, but also hurt the feelings. Wang Yuying told reporters, usually when viewing the jade bracelet can not be placed on the palm of your hand, with the index finger, middle finger firmly hold the bracelet, and then press the thumb back is replica cartier ring diamond the correct posture to watch emerald bracelets Tourists try 300,000 bracelets Fragile spot fainted on the spot: purchase price of more than 10 million

    Today, a video online heat transfer, a female tourist in Ruili City, Yunnan Province, see a bracelet Jade City Jurisprudence, accidentally dropped a 300,000 bracelet fell to the ground on the scene fainted June 27, Chengdu Commercial News client correspondent Contact the business people in Jade City, Jurong Jade City, jade trading company, the other said it did, 'This thing spread in the circle, the incident happened to be in gold cartier ring fake the opposite of my shop, cartier ring diamond knock off but I was not at the scene. Business himself is also very depressed, he opened shop for more than 10 years. 'Each other revealed that the price of 300,000 bracelets in the local and not expensive,' the price of gold is priceless in the local can only be mid-range, millions, There are tens of millions of jade articles, only a few million are in the VIP room and will not be put on like this. '

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