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  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    Summer vacation 2

    3. The son lived in the summer internship apartment Geogetown Georgetown only a river. After dinner we often walk along the pedestrian walkway of the Key Bridge to the Georgetown on the other side of the Potomac River. 4. Georgetown is a small town, famous for its university. Came to school, really have this feeling 5. Not far from the university there is a very busy commercial street, here is the earliest Georgetown. Commercial Street is full of restaurants, bars, ice cream cartier love ring white gold imitation shops, cake shops (cupcake) and high-end clothing bag jewelry shop. After the night falls all over the streets are bustling young people, we crowded in the crowd, but also for food and drink 6. And then back to Seattle, where is a very new modern city, but also the location of many large corporate headquarters. Of course, the most famous is the Microsoft headquarters, but also the location of my favorite Costco headquarters. Because there are so many large corporations and taxpayers, urban construction and welfare are better than many places in the United States. Seattle's road to the city's condition is very good, the flowers on both sides of the road lush, lush, I have seen the most beautiful city. Driving in cartier gold knock off ring Seattle is not easy, however, because there is proximity to the waterfront, Oshima set the island, in some places there are bridges (there are free and free for the bridge), more places need to ferry. And driving the ferry car, especially in the rush hour is very time-consuming and laborious. And the downtown area are all one-way street, a careless turn around a bend I do not know which up the highway 17. The second time to open a small desert is an antique city. I walked around Snohomish, an old town north of Seattle, for a whole day. This is not a separate action, and two aunt volunteered to follow me along with the team. This small town is not famous (not seen here, a Chinese), located in remote, close to Canada. It was less than ten o'clock when I arrived nearly an hour early that morning. Most of the shops were not open yet, but the parking spaces in the streets were full. Around the town around to go around, each street has been twice before it is lucky to find a parking space. There are many small antique shops in the town with different sizes; some are so small that we can not squeeze together after we gold cartier ring fake go in; some are as big as five full floors and we are exhausted when visiting the third floor Mountaineering is also tired 19. Before I went to Seattle I did some homework, hoping to buy some ivory gadgets back. Now in order to protect the wild elephants, trading and making ivory in the world are illegal. However, in antiques shop, antique ivory products can still be traded legally. Just), Ivory bracelets (Asian ivory) 35 knives. Ivory necklace (Alaskan ancient mammoth ivory) 30 knives. In fact, in other stores also saw a lot of ivory products, but the price is beyond the limits of my. In contrast, I feel the most beautiful carving ivory products in Japan. Things that were similarly similar were later seen when I visited curling shops in Washington DC and Virginia, where the $ 200 mark at Snohomish was marked at $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 on the east coast. The most ridiculous is the snuff bottle below the figure, when the price of 25 dollars to buy. I also discuss with the owner, pay cash can be tax-free? The owner is serious, that can not, he is to invoicing well documented. The results to the east, saw a similar red sandalwood bone carved snuff bottles, so that the owner took a closer look, and I really like this, the difference is that engraved on the bone carving is a big beauty, carving yet I This beautiful. Ask the owner how to sell? Answer 800 knives! This time I understand, so why a humble town, even a parking space can not find 38. Since playing with ice cream cartier love fake ring for sale machine ice cream home did not break off Dayton, ice cream raw materials have been constantly forge ahead . There are three flavors of ice cream, green tea, strawberry, and mango. Green tea is two cups of soy milk (not milk Oh, soilmilk), a Half Half cup, add some green tea powder. Mango is a cup of frozen mango (not long ago bought a box, can not eat, they will peel the nucleus to freeze up), a half Half cup, a cup of soy milk. The most vegetarian strawberry, a glass of frozen strawberries, two cups of soy milk. In this way, very healthy, very delicious, very pleasing. Since I do not have any cream in these ice creams, it is harder to freeze in the refrigerator. When eating ice cream should be taken out at room temperature for five to six minutes to wait a little softened before eating out.

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