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  1. nikesasasassa

    The twenty-second chapter green beautiful woman

    'The girl! How do we buy and sell pen?' Zhang Xu sat down directly in front of each other, from the storage bracelet out of a flat round beautifully carved white jade jar, shaking the green beauty directly said? 'Beautiful green girl with a beautiful eyes, flashing light in his eyes, puzzled look at Zhang Xu, the eyes shifted to the beautiful white jade jar, seems to guess what the other party is playing in the idea of' Tai Xuan Door, Zhang Xu! I did not hit you what a bad idea, but no money to sell something for you to change some money !? This is my special perfume! Aphrodisiac Decoction forcing detoxification effect! Valid for six A hundred and two gold! 'Zhang Xu see each other in the eyes with vigilance, but also know that they are abrupt, so the lid of the bottle open, the green beauty whispered to explain this bottle of perfume, but Zhang Xu after the exit , Nothing to spend their own flowers, coupled with some herbal refining out of the special perfume, refining than before retreat of his perfume is even better, in addition to soothe the nerves will help practice cultivation, but also the effectiveness of drug detoxification, the general spray The poisonous root But why not in this world 1 two gold = RMB 2000 = 10 two silver, 1 two silver = 200 yuan = 1000 text money = 1 consistent (hanging) money, one hundred and two gold is equivalent to about 200,000 yuan Tai Xuanmen into disciples who have no money? It seems hard to believe ah! 咦? 'Green glimpse of Zhang Xu waist piece of jade card, a letter to his words, I feel the air emitted by Zhang Xu breath It is not dangerous, so she said in her beautiful voice. However, she just said half, her Yao nose smelled a pure and profound purple orchid flower fragrance, dissipated from the bottleneck. Her understanding of immortality is not bad, she suddenly felt this bottle of something unusual, took it without fear of danger and put it on her nose and slender smell 'how!' Zhang Xu is full of confidence in his work , He is now very much looking for a place where all are self-cultivation, open a shop, specializing in selling their own invention of things, that time is not the money coming? Zhang Xu Yue more and more excited, storage bracelet is not lacking in refining device material, but alchemy material is very lacking, even if there is not comprehensive, it is difficult to refining a good immortality, perhaps to open a shop for the comprehension of specialized services, you can Solve a lot of problems in the comprehension of green beauty is still thin taste of the scent, but also a look very enjoy the look, which can be around the diners and sophomore look silly, to know this beautiful peerless girl, However, one can not mess with the Lord, a few days ago the magistrate's son teased her on the spot she was interrupted by the legs, the governor later even fart dare not put one. There are a few martial arts athletes with high-handed martial arts to tease her, but also directly to her each chop a hand. Zhang Xu now see not only innocent sat across from her, and took out a bottle that is one hundred and two gold, which makes a lot of people can not help but swallow saliva, 'it really is a good thing! But one hundred and two is not too expensive ! 'Beautiful woman in green confirmed that this thing is harmless to human beings, but also a lot of benefits to the comprehension after they plug the bottle back, his eyes flashing bright light on the faint smile of Zhang Xu. Soothe the nerves, the practice of self-cultivation is greatly beneficial, practitioners will not be susceptible to the demons attack, as the poison and detoxification is also a very practical, spray it on the clothes can really anti-drug detoxification, And the most important thing is that this flower makes her very comfortable, she has fancy this bottle of perfume, 'one hundred and two absolutely not expensive!' The other kind of light flashing eyes, Zhang Xu did not know, this vision he too Familiar with, because this look is the slaughter when the bamboo bar will appear, Zhang Xu a get her perfume hides in the hand, one did not have to discuss said, 'If I do not buy, it seems that today you rely on I would like to Tai Xuanmen disciples will not do such a shame off the identity thing? 'Green beauty Zhang Xu looked at the eyes full of laughed. 'One hundred and two is the value, but if the girl did not take the opportunity to squeeze again, it would be too sorry for myself!' 'Green girl in the heart of illegal channels,' Who said I can not believe it! Believe me on the scene engage in an auction, this thing On the auction here, let alone one hundred and two, even if the twelve thousand can be sold! 'Zhang Xu said calmly. One hundred and two is definitely cheaper, but also Zhang Xu to see each other is the beauty of the face was reported so low, I knew that this beauty is so difficult, Zhang Xu on the price reported ten times higher up, 'This guest officer! Or not That two or three silver you get your hands on the bottle arrived! 'The second child was Zhang Xu left one hundred and two, the right one twelve ten thousand made dizzy, but from the beauty of the green face , He can guess the things in this bottle are extraordinary. And he stood aside, but also smelled a very refreshing fragrance, see the beauty of the green seems to be pondering, hurriedly told a silly 'thirty-two silver, go to you! The son! You As for the things on your hands, if the girl is not willing to buy, I will give you a hundred and two gold to buy your things! 'In not far away from the two, there is a table sitting three The men dressed in Chinese clothing, they used to sell things from Zhang Xuyi, they secretly pay attention to see the beauty of the green face, they also guess that the things in the bottle is not simple. See Xiao Er actually want to use that two silver eat that thing, a dressed in white, dignified youth stood up, scolded the second child, the hand holding a folding fan on Zhang Xu hugged 'look To the auction will save! 'Zhang Xu shrugged intend to stand up, in fact, he is deliberately put some things to speak loudly to people around to hear, with the influence of the green beauty, told the people around, he sold Things are very precious, or not a very period, definitely not only sell one hundred and two gold, and the people around did not let him down, and soon someone jumped out to buy 'you also want this thing! Well! You win! One hundred and two hundred and one hundred and two! 'Green beauty slightly thinking, immediately understand the plan of Zhang Xu, the heart cursed cunning said necklace van cleef arpels copy helplessly,' Oh! To! 'Zhang Xu smiled and sat back Put the perfume back to the table, while the green beauty from the magic weapon out of two gold ingots on the desktop, was brought by Zhang Xushun hand. (Ingot generally a bloom 50 two)

    'There are any! I have all the words!' Beautiful woman put it down green perfume, eyeballs brightly turned, smiled Zhang Xu asked 'only two bottles, but not sold! Ha ha !! Since Things have already gone, then I will be the first to leave! After the period! 'Zhang Xu Why do not know the intention of green beauty, smiled and stood up and said van cleef and arpels necklace sale replica good-bye,' Joking, selling a bottle has enough deficit, all sold her? Hey, even if you are a beautiful woman did not have to discuss! 'Zhang Xu heart illegal channels' Oh! 'Green beauty is very disappointed to hear the words, a slight nod of the first should be a' just that son! Sorry, the thing sold to the girl, as you pay for me before the meal, I am here to say thank you! This symbol is for you! With the body to protect you from evil invasion! Life without disaster Disease, if unfortunately, there is the worry of life, the charcoal burned with the wine may be able to save one life! 'Zhang Xu turned around and folded into a small triangle paper, two fingers a bomb, just hit the bomb to buy him Perfume in front of the table, Zhang Xu smiled at him one , To jump from the railing at the restaurant 'This ......' answered the genius really did van cleef diamond necklace imitation not expect, Zhang Xu sell things to earn one hundred and twenty gold, but also let him pay. Looked at the calm jade symbol lying on the table, he was a bit dumbfounded 'take it with you! Do not be rubbish threw! He said it but really!' Beautiful woman looking at the green perfume, Sweet smile stood up, it seems like a deep look at the paper lying on the desktop symbol, that just want to throw away the wit said a cry, put a small piece of broken silver on the table, but also from the second floor Jumped off the streets to leave 'uh ...! Second checkout!' That witches just want to throw away the paper, green and beautiful woman heard the words quickly hurriedly hand, see the people around are looking at themselves, carefully to the paper character On the body after the second child shouted 'Three or two silver! Uh-huh, Li Gongzi that table of money is you check it?' Xiaoer took a look at Zhang Xu table table dishes, it is depressed asked, are Is a cow, he can not afford to offend one of the 'Li Shaotian what time out of Seoul to go back! To! This is sixty-two silver! We go!' Li Shaotian took out from the waist a few pieces of small and small pieces of silver, weigh some lost On the table, after the other two companions of a road, walked downstairs . And Li Shaotian could not think of anything, this slightest sign of paper, not only saved his father a life, but also to save his family.

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