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In modern times Fashion people would choose copy cartier lev

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  • Started 1 week ago by sdjisafhshfuk
  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    With the cashier draw the first prize spent 3700 yuan to buy the jade fade week map

    She paid the money to leave the supermarket cashier, after a jade counter, a clerk shout let her come. Ms. Chen saw a few pieces of jade million on the price, wanted to leave, the clerk told her that diamond necklace cartier knock off the supermarket shopping list can get a free lucky draw chance, full 20 yuan can be pumping once 'I smoked a total cartier gold necklace fake of 5 times the previous pumping Are 'Thank you patronage', and the fifth pumping in the first prize. 'Ms. Chan said she had only two chances of lottery, but the clerk boast she has temperament, suitable for wearing jade bracelets, jade necklace, an extra Gave her 3 chances, until she draws the first prize 'At that time the clerk said that I am lucky, the first prize draws the probability is very small, is also very rare, the purchase jade can enjoy the discount of 1 discount.' Ms. Chen listened After these words moved heart, did not think about it, bought an orange red jade bracelet and imitation cartier necklace love price two jade pendants, priced at a total of 37,000 yuan, she paid 3700 yuan. Ms. Chen said that if some of the more comfortable, but also want to buy a few more, and now think about it, was really excited dizzy, a week later, that jade bracelet from orange to faded yellow, and from light yellow Faded white. Ms. Chen played a suspicion Yesterday, Ms. Chen presented to reporters this faded jade bracelet. The reporter saw, in addition to the packaging price tag 9980 yuan, product introduction and certification certificates are not, there is no shopping invoice. Ms. Chen said that when purchasing jade clerk to show the appraisal certificate, when she did not understand, buy back and found that the packaging did not have any certificate Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the supermarket in Nan shop. The jade counter called 'Lisa Nair', at the supermarket cashier at the door, located in the only way for consumers to leave the supermarket. Counter placed a variety of jade, marked with purple stone, Topaz, Hetian jade, jade, sapphires and so on, the price from 3,000 yuan to 19,000 yuan and Ms Chan encountered the same day, the reporter went yesterday Near the jade counter, was a girl clerk greeted to draw. Reporter said no shopping in the supermarket, the female clerk said: 'It does not matter, pumping a few try luck.' Reporters took five lucky draw vouchers, scraped open and found no prize, the clerk let the reporter pumping a few more yesterday, Ms. Chen Came to the jade counter to be returned, was rejected. Subsequently, Ms. Chen came to the scene again with the reporter's companion, the store clerk did not hesitate to refund the money to Ms. Chen. When a reporter asked what kind of jade materials, whether real or real goods, the clerk cartier necklace love price imitation said: 'I have the money back to consumers, not to investigate.'

    Yesterday, the reporter will feedback the situation to Yongjia City Supervisory Department, law enforcement officers came to the scene after the investigation found that the jade counter without a business license, the law enforcement officers will be the counter part of the jade seized, will be appraised for these jade Yongjia counties Hou Yong, deputy director of Bureau Oubei Branch introduced that the shop belongs to undocumented business, once the appraisal results show that jade is fake and shoddy products, or the price far exceeds its value, the operator's behavior will be regarded as fraud. If the sales amount reaches a certain amount, the operator may have to bear the criminal responsibility afternoon, the reporter found the jade counter clerk had left the counter 5 times, leaving these expensive jade unattended. More consumers on the scene that lottery is a jade counter promotional means, the relevant departments are expected to announce the identification of jade results reporter learned from the people of the supermarket, the jade counter opened on April 15, a supermarket staff said jade The counter does not belong to the supermarket side, over 20 won the chance of free lottery supermarkets do not know. However, this reporter learned that many supermarket staff said they saw the jade jewelry handkerchief lottery question consumers therefore questioned the people of the jade counter jade lottery take a 'default' attitude. In response, the person in charge of the supermarket in the Nan shop responded that jade counter stand-alone operation, the supermarket and its leasing relationship only Hou Yong believes that the incident, the supermarket side should be jointly and severally liable, may face fines penalties, because the supermarket side in Jade counter is not sure if there is a business license, the counter will be leased to each other. 'In fact, the supermarket side and the jade counter reached a lease relationship, it should be clear that the operator is operating legally, there is no business license, otherwise the management of the supermarket side of the breach.' Hou Yong said.

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