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Many of Lady wear van cleef arpels clover pendant rose goldr

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  • Started 1 week ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    Wear Xiao-bao bracelet care of the elderly in all directions

    According to the most advanced mobile internet technology, the smart home of 'filial piety bracelet' in Shandong Province, which integrates real-time location, health monitoring and living services, and is available 24 hours a day and 24 hours a day Elderly Community Services Project Launched on September 29 It is understood that the 'filial piety bracelet' smart elderly service project is based on the latest development of mobile Internet R \u0026 D team Lao Life newspaper limited van cleef cosmos ring copy liability company based on the most advanced mobile Internet technology ' Filial piety bracelet 'and its supporting service system based on the platform to the District Office for the elderly to guide the streets, community participation, community care, health, life services and other content as a whole, the implementation of online and offline integration, integration of all-round for the elderly Habitat home care service of the new model. The main features of this groundbreaking model are based on the most advanced mobile Internet technologies and the establishment of corresponding supporting service systems; the government departments actively participate in the co-ordination of guidance, streets and communities; and achieve 'decentralization of home and centralized service of aged care services' Scientific combination. Intelligent wearable terminal equipment is the forefront of the world's mobile Internet technology, 'filial piety bracelet' intelligent retirement community service project will be applied to this new technology for the elderly living in the field of home. For example, once the 'safe range of activities' is set, once the elderly people come out of the range, the remote service response system staff and the elderly's relatives will immediately receive the relevant information and dispose of them immediately, thus preventing the elderly from losing their motivation. Bracelet 'intelligent retirement community service project is the city of Qingdao City North District Government this year, an old livelihood project for the elderly, the district government responsible comrade attaches great importance to district offices to do a specific guide, neighborhood offices, community rely on At home, the elderly in the community are warmly welcomed. 'Home-based retirement is now the mainstream of the whole province and the largest part of our city. As the largest area for the elderly in Qingdao, we must make new explorations and innovations in this area Breakthrough. 'Shibei District Aging Director Shi Yanjun introduction, filial piety bracelet intelligent retirement community service project this year, Shibei District serving the elderly livelihood projects will be piloted in two offices, after gaining experience will van cleef wedding ring copy be pushed to the whole area of ​​data Understand, in order to allow more older people to understand and experience 'filial piety bracelet' smart pension projects, this newspaper belongs to smart The old service center can provide on-site visits and trial presentation services for the elderly in Qingdao. At the same time, the elderly can also enjoy preferential prices to provide high-tech emergency safety intelligent services provided by the 'filial piety bracelet' intelligent pension van cleef and arpels emerald ring copy programs. (Newspaper reporter)

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