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many young lady put on wearing van cleef arpels clover penda

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  • Started 3 months ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    80,000 jade bracelets were sentenced to 3

    Yesterday, Zhenjiang Intermediate People's Court released 'Ten Typical Cases of Zhenjiang Court in 2014' and the case of 'high price bracelet' was selected in March 2013. Xu Fang (not his real name) accidentally slipped the jade bracelet with the price of 388,000 yuan Crashed into the ground, the local obvious crack. In the same year, the jewelery company filed a lawsuit after failing to sue the court of Jingkou, Zhenjiang, to make the first instance verdict on the case. The court held that the jewelery company did not do enough to protect the business site security obligations, bear the main responsibility for the damage to the bracelet fall damage, Xu Fang careless attention and precaution, bear the secondary responsibility. Court of first instance verdict Xu Fang compensation 37,350 yuan. Correspondent Li Yicheng Cao Liu

    She accidentally broke the high price bracelet

    March van cleef engagement ring price knock off 26, 2013, Zhenjiang Citizens Xu Fang in the mall in Zhenjiang Parkson Mall Limited 'Kimberley Diamond' counter, saw a price of 388,000 yuan jade bracelets, so salesperson took out to see, just looking In the process, missed the bracelet fell to the ground. Zhenjiang Golden Edge Jewelry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the 'Jewelry Company') and Xu Fang held many unsuccessful negotiations and sued Xu Fang on the court. On May 22, 2013, Jingkou Court heard the case and Xu Fang was absent or employed The agent defends himself. Jewelery company provided a number of witness testimony, jewelry identification book and other evidence, saying that at the time of the incident has been done to inform and protect obligations. Jewelry company said the bracelet was purchased in Yunnan a few years ago, was spent 310,000 yuan, but because of the longer, unable to provide proof of purchase. Therefore, the court published a public notice in the People's Court Newspaper demanding that Xu Fang cooperate with the court to participate in the litigation and fight for his own rights and interests. Modern Express reporter in January 27 last year, the court the second hearing, but also many attempts to contact Xu Fang, both ended in failure However, March 27, 2013, the Express reporter had an exclusive interview with Xu Fang. She presented to reporters the ID card, marriage certificate, urban minimum living allowance to obtain the original card, as well as Riverside Hospital medical records and other materials. Evidence shows that Xu Fang is a cervical cancer subsistence allowance households. Her tears said her bracelet is broken, but she can not afford why so sentenced?

    Jewelry company lack of security measures

    Jingkou court held that Xu Fang to jewelry companies to buy bracelets, operators should do to consumers, safety and security obligations, consumers should try to avoid the process of purchasing, trading commodities, due to negligence civil liability for the resulting property losses In this case, the price of damaged jadeite bracelet is 388,000 yuan, which is a delicate commodity that is fragile and fragile. The requirements for safety precaution in the place of business should be higher than that of other general merchandise. However, jewelry companies operating places and trading in the safety precautions are clearly missing. For example, failed to emerald bracelet and hard objects hit the fragile characteristics of the hard disk of the venue for the implementation of flexible packaging, not laying the rug on the hard ground, or other modifications; failed to provide a safe and comfortable trading environment, as far as possible Avoid consumer may be in the process of checking bracelets may lead to accidents ... ... As the jewelry company in the course of business did not give consumers enough security obligations, should bear the primary responsibility for the damaged bracelets fall damage. Xu Fang in the inspection bracelet, neglect and precaution, causing the bracelet to slip down from his hand, the consequences of damage to the bracelet should bear a secondary responsibility Jingkou court found that the jewelry company to assume 70% of the responsibility, Xu Fang bear 30% of the responsibility of the defendant Still lost, the plaintiff did not appeal

    According to relevant regulations, the property loss is calculated according to van cleef and arpels diamond ring knock off the market price at the time of loss or other means. Zhenjiang City, the price certification center that the bracelet damaged before the market price of 147500 yuan on the day of damage, the two sides did not dispute replica van cleef and arpels between the finger ring the conclusions of the vetting, the court confirmed the conclusions to refer to professional advice, the court finds the discretion of the bracelet salvage value For 23,000 yuan, the amount of loss of damaged bracelets should be identified as 124,500 yuan. Court of Justice Xu Fang compensation jewelery company lost 37,350 yuan. If the obligation to pay money is not fulfilled for the period specified in this judgment, the interest on the debt during the delay in performance shall be doubled.

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