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quite a lot of Miss wear vca clover bracelet with diamondsre

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  • Started 1 week ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    Chapter 041 another space

    Although Li Haoze did not finish his sentence, but the meaning of the words have been very clear, the two seem to think of a piece of mortal in the mortal does not lack the kind of space, such as the storage of bracelets, sachets and the like, mortal Have been so, let alone fairy? The speculation of both of them is not entirely impossible in the fairy, some fairy like to engage in some private space, but also can carry private space, and some private space is completely a world, and have this is the master of that world At first Li Haze did not think about that aspect, after reminding Li Xuejiao, he reacted. When did this abyss of abyss appear, no one can say clearly, it seems to emerge out of thin air, but people who know the news, it seems all disappear, it appears some abnormal if here really as two people guess So, this two really make big hair, and the priest's private space is at least it is fairy it, maybe there are any immortality, immortal or immortal practice exercises and skills so much An unknown treasure house, how the two of them can let go, but Li Haze at this time overlooked a problem, that is, Li Ting cents statue also fell here think of something more likely to get more and more powerful, Li Haze and Li Xue Jiao Dudu Can not help but be a little agitated, no longer hesitate to continue to the depths of the moment Li Haze burly body like a tower in the darkness, action style, steady, which is behind Li Hao Ze Li Xuejiao saw Li Haazhe first feeling Li Haize at this time is already a baby period, but Li Xue Jiao very clearly that he is not the just-promoted Li Haize infantry rival, off two years , Li Haize from a obscurity of the latter promoted to the early stage of the baby, this speed so many self-proclaimed genius or evildoer who do not think the mortal world has long been such a person there, the last one there So amazing people have passed countless years, a long time have gradually forgotten people, that vca necklace replica person's name seems to be three words, what is the name of the cloud, the full name is what, Li Xue Jiao can not remember perhaps feel some of Xue-Jiao Li The strange emotions, Li Haize turned back and saw Li Xuejiao thoughtfully look, export to ask 'big beauty, what are you thinking again? Not think about how to misappropriate what may be obtained?'

    Li Xue Jiao heard a moment surprised, look Li Haze eyes look, white at him, snappily said: 'And so find those things to say it, be careful even you want three levels van cleef and arpel necklace fake of Spirit can not find.'

    Li Hao Ze Hey laughed, no longer words, continue to move forward. In this dimly lit space, people always feel depressed, if you do not find something fun, really tortured people Li Haize's joke also let Li Xuejiao mood a lot of relaxation, she now think, as long as there is Li Haze at, she simply do not need to worry about security issues, this feeling is very strange, there is no reason, just an intuition may be with Li Haize together to see Li Haze too many accidents to her it time slowly moving , Two people do not know how long to go, only know a long, long time, but the surrounding environment has not changed a bit, did not appear a little dangerous, which can not help but think that is not always been in the place of rotation Li Haize at knock off van cleef and arpel clover necklace this time the mood is very Dignified, according to their two feet, at this time should walk at least hundreds of miles, but the surrounding environment did not even a little bit of change, if there is a lot of space, but not all the same, 'Let's take a break . 'Li Haze stopped and said that Li Xuejiao understand the meaning of Li Haze,' ah 'a cry, she sat there without rest, and Removed the dark demon beast alchemy, mouth swallowed down, began to refine Alchemy Li Xue Jiao how to say are more than Li Haze live more than a hundred years, the situation now clear, however, in this kind of weird Only by increasing his strength is the only hope he can survive. Li Haze could not help but shook his head and could not help but smile and thought that Li Xuejiao's mind turned out to be quite fast. The ability to analyze the situation is also strong. If you die, The future will be extraordinary Li Haize did not go to observe Li Xuejiao's situation, but look around, he wanted to see something, even if it is a little subtle difference. Time passed quickly, Li Haze helpless shook his head, everything here shows normal Li Haize sigh sigh of relief, I wonder if you really want to be trapped dead in this place? Although there is a big beauty to accompany, but how many still some unwilling, there are many things in this world that he has not seen, so die, and some pity can be at this moment, Li Haize's head Emmanuel flash, pondering the ground Nothing, mystery will not be at the top of it? Now he can be sure, this time the location is already a very in-depth position here, the top is not possible to come in. Although this idea, but he still can not immediately go to temptation, after all, there is a person around, and now Li Xuejiao he has been drawn to the ranks of friends among the ranks of time for practice, it is nothing, but for the wait, it can be too long, Li Haoze guarding Li Xuejiao, just feel like a year, feel the time is too slow Finally, do not know how long after, Li Haize aware of the repair of Li Xuejiao some changes have taken place, Li Xuejiao Yuan Yingyuan mid-term repair was, and now directly to the peak of the late Yuan Ying, only a step away from the soul moving period Li Xue Jiao opened his eyes and checked the body, some disappointed shook his head, she was trying to break through the dark demon blood animal within the Dan Ying Ying period, but unfortunately her aura can not absorb her, was wasted This hard earned inner alchemy.

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