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  • Started 3 months ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    Dress to be careful contact dermatitis

    Many women friends to wear clothes look better, have joined the ranks of weight loss. Experts point out that the market for slimming plaster products, most of which contain capsaicin and other irritating substances, due to the different constitution of each person, the use of slimming cream effect and side effects are not the same. Cases such as Ms. Jia, the first is because of the symptoms of contact dermatitis did not stop using slimming cream in time, making the allergy continued vca necklace copy to deteriorate. In addition, its own physical causes, the body due to infection with the virus, resulting in fever, pain and a series of adverse reactions, leading to further aggravate In addition, many hair removal cream on the market today are chemical depilatories, some women after use, the skin erythema , Itchy and painful, even severe water seepage, ulceration, which is irritant contact dermatitis. Therefore, if the application of hair removal cream after swelling reaction, be sure to van cleef flower necklace replica rinse immediately with plenty of water, in serious cases must be timely medical treatment. Allergy women as much as possible, have to use, to be careful to choose a big brand, according to the instructions to use, strictly control the dosage and time of application Aloe vera improper use may also lead to contact dermatitis in Europe and the United States, Japan, and some of the domestic production High-end cosmetics contain aloe vera, such as aloe shampoo, aloe lip balm, aloe hair care liquid, aloe hair dye, aloe soap, very popular with people. DIY homemade aloe veil mask attaining face of female friends is also a small number, but need to pay attention to is that aloe is not suitable for everyone. Now many young people are popular to color their hair dyed, so that they look more spiritual or beautiful and beautiful, and the color is also a variety of hair, it has become a trend of some of van cleef arpel necklace fake the current chemical hair dye Ingredients, such as aniline is a strong allergen, the oxidation reaction can generate volatile toxic substances, the skin irritant effect, leading to contact dermatitis, the performance of local itching, pain, in serious cases there will be large Package, erosion, and even systemic reactions. Therefore, the hair must be careful, it is best to do a patch test before the hair. Apply the hair dye on the arm. After a day, observe if the hair dye is smeared, swollen, and so on. If there is any abnormality, stop dyeing hair and tight jeans, metal accessories

    Wearing tight-fitting jeans, jeans, metal buttons for a long time and abdominal skin contact, and then triggered contact dermatitis; wearing metal necklaces, wearing bracelets, anklets and earrings and other jewelry, contact with the skin, such as the ear, neck Ministry and other Department also easily lead to contact dermatitis due to some metal ornaments in the production process. Will, in proportion, with a small amount of chromium, nickel, copper, etc., metal. When it's hot, the body sweat increases. Moisture in sweat can cause these metal ornaments, a small amount of surface, nickel sulfate dissolved. After such skin absorption, it will happen, allergic reaction. As a result, skin diseases such as dermatitis are induced.

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