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  • Started 1 week ago by nikesasasassa
  1. nikesasasassa

    Ice knot career positioning ice junction division brush version of the map to add some share

    As a man from the birth of the ice began to join the ice team, and the collection of three sets far away from the 9 sets of players, I think my opinion of the ice junction is still quite a reference for the current view of the so-called Ice Age nine of the world Speech, I have to make some clarification, I believe that everyone who has used the ice cover will have such a feeling 'card', due to the characteristics of the skills model, ice shell blessing after the release of ice will exceed the performance of the game itself Network and computer configuration needs, if the network is a single brush, then broadband is sufficient, the team must be equipped with optical fiber, or icebreaking will occur when the release due van cleef and arpel necklace replica to the amount of data upload too large team red, as the configuration, it is recommended that the conditions People with a better point of the card, or ice nine HIT number may not even 10. However, we do not have to worry too much, hanbok has been optimized for this situation icebreaker flying blade model, I believe we can see from many new hanbok video icebreaker changes, which is low van cleef flower necklace replica with players to play Ice Jie teacher A Gospel Of course, the current version of the Ice 6 may be more mainstream than the Ice 9, the reason is very simple, ice fragments of ice for the small size of the whole can not lead to more people choose Ice 6 with gold bracelets, soul chain. However, the hanbok optimization of the ice-breaking model may change this situation, in addition to the ice is no longer card, the biggest progress is the ice fragments issued by a point, this time no matter how small a monstrous escape all the ice-doom To continue the initial topic, even if Ice Age nine play the greatest advantage, equipped with a good ice knot configuration can not do a lot of people in the super line, from the point of view of the outbreak of the first loss, such as the Valkyrie, Black Knight so down to earth Super line of occupation, but a lot of ice knot player is bound to have such a feeling, that is, ease! No mistake, the ice version of the revision led to ice junction division in the control field has been a qualitative improvement, compared to the revision of the soul map before the clearance On the glance, and the ice-breaking version makes this Binghua Tao blessing, 6 seconds CD skills invincible and empty on the ground through the wall, not only clear the mobs more fluid on the boss's outbreak is absolutely not lose a lot of professional Colorless skills. So I personally positioning for the ice knot should be a take into account the output and control field, and a good continuity of the front-line job, well, there is still ice on the premise of 6 + to send my plus point and related introduction:

    I chose the contract point here, if you do not take the contract point people can consider the excess sp in the ancient memory and ice sword on this version of the extremely low growth, as well as the TP is very limited, including me, many people Has given up the ice sword, but sp so full of people who are interested or can add play. At present, there is not much controversy about skills. Instead, there are many schools of TP. In addition to being full of icy roads and ice-breaking, I chose the explosive type of Ice Dragon and the three-level ice hammer. People who like integrated development can also use ice Hammer and ice dragon on the point plus fortified ice conditions, as unlimited ice bow stream of people can be added to strengthen the ice bow, QP is also due to too much has been almost full of avoidance and physical strength, I will not be much To elaborate in the end, the blessing for each person who can insist on the ice knot to play their own piece of heaven, van cleef and arpel clover necklace replica not only for this rare job a strong power of honor, but also for the years to crack down on ice attack made Across the contribution of the era, finally the last strong despise family planning office, more expensive equipment, such nonsense rumors simply do not apply to the good ice knot, everyone into the pit and how many people have to spend money to buy equipment? As for the weapons, male and female Master silent tear it, no 15 soul can see?

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