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In modern times many people will choose imitation cartier le

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  • Started 3 months ago by sdjisafhshfuk
  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    Women's online shopping to buy fake emerald returned can not be lost 50,000

    He Ms. Foshan, a treasure in the second-hand trading platform 'X fish' above, saw a jade bracelet, priced at 120,000, the seller came from an antique shop in Baoding, Hebei, the description of the goods is 'like emerald ice emerald old Bracelet 'is such a description full of Tuocha point bracelet, actually let Ms. Ho a phase, so she contacted the business bargain. Businesses said that this bracelet is received from rural areas, not identified, whether it is not emerald, they can not guarantee that Ms. He came to Baoding to see the real face to face transactions, but Ms. He felt too far away from Hebei, the cost is high love cartier bangle , And she decided that this bracelet is emerald, do not need to face identification so much trouble. After some bargaining, the final turnover of 80,000 but Ms Ho received such a bracelet but found that this bracelet fake is too obvious! After sending to identify, copy rose gold cartier love bangle Ms. Ho completely give up: This is not the so-called ice jade, but replica cartier love diamond bracelet the dyed quartzite. Of course, Ms. Ho refused to eat such a loss, so contact the seller refunds, easy to buy goods is difficult to return, the seller said he never said that this bracelet is emerald, his no responsibility was later involved in customer service to determine the seller returned 80,000, Ms. He sent the goods back. It looks like a happy ending, right? But because of one thing, Ms. Ho did not get this 80,000 things on the cartier white gold love bracelet replica return, may Ms. Ho think this bracelet is fake anyway, do not be too bothered, so casually packaged sent, neither marked nor fragile No insured. When the seller received the return, the bracelet already broken, of course, they rejected, refused to refund refunded. After both sides went to court, the court eventually made the verdict:

    Emerald bracelet is a special commodity, the corresponding transaction risk should be borne by the buyer and seller did not agree the bracelet material, there is no intentional fraud Hemou as online shopping consumers, the right to have no reason to return, but should keep the goods intact. Ms. Ho due to the direct cause of the bracelet rupture, so Ms. Ho bear the corresponding responsibility, the final verdict by Ms. Ho to return the bracelet to the seller, the seller returned 30,000 yuan to Ms. Ho.

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