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  • Started 3 months ago by sdjisafhshfuk
  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    Southern News International news

    In the annual budget approved by the U.S. Congress, a billion-dollar federal fund will invest in 'abstinence' education programs. It appears that advocates of 'abstinence' education appear to have succeeded. However, is it absolutely abstinence, or do you tell your children the correct sexual knowledge and make them learn to make responsible decisions about sex? American sex education on the path of asceticism still seems to be in doubt.

    Only abstinence most 'safe'

    A sunny winter morning, the British 'Observer' correspondent Joanna Walters in the United States Keelung, Texas, Shimeijiakai see, a 1-year-old boy restlessly sitting in the classroom. Teacher Karen Keller skimmed her cartier love bracelet white gold copy dress and jacket slightly while watching the students move. She is going to talk with her children about sex, or about the absolute prohibition of premarital sex and sexual contact.

    After the class started, Teacher Keller first asked her classmates to give examples of dangerous behaviors in their lives. The teenagers immediately gave many different answers: cheating on exams, smoking ... Keller smiled and said, 'You guys are right, but there are some dangerous behaviors related to sex. Let's talk about wearing Girls in short skirts! '

    Suddenly quiet in the classroom. 'Girls, suppose you're wearing sexy clothes that's easy to imagine.' Ladies, what do you think this means? Is she open? Is she easy to get along? 'Keller ignored the lesson in the class The boys, she continued, asked: 'Girls, to what extent would you make the situation happen on the first date?'

    Next, on the blackboard, Teacher Keller listed possible 'dangerous' sex: physical contact; genital contact; and a kiss. Hand in hand, clothing hug and 'kiss' are safe, so Keller told the kids.

    Since then, Keller began to tell students about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and the fact that condoms do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases and prevent pregnancy. The final classmates came up with the important theory currently widely taught in secondary schools throughout the country: the only way to prevent the disease and prevent pregnancy is to ban premarital sex.

    Afterwards, Ms. Keller began class questions to her classmates. 'Have you heard of ways to make yourself safe?' 'Use condoms,' the students replied. 'But that will really make you absolutely safe?' Keller teacher asked again. 'No,' said the students unanimously. 'So how can you protect yourself and keep yourself in absolute safety?' Keller asked again. 'Premarital abstinence,' the students answered in unison.

    The sex education lesson Keller taught is part of the 'abstinence' education program currently being held in secondary schools in the United States and part of the 'premarital' sexual revolution advocated by the Bush administration. Although Ms. Keller believes most children are not aware of the proper use of condoms, under current law, they should not teach young people how to use condoms properly and the benefits of proper condom use as a trainer.

    Abstinence Education Enjoy 'Fund'

    When he became governor, Bush strongly supported the 'abstinence' education started in the year. He advocated replica cartier diamond love bracelet education on how to maintain the purity of premarital life, not to provide information on contraception, and even to prohibit contraception.

    This position has won many conservative support for Bush. Conservatives believe that those who are abstinent can not conceive, nor can they conceive, nor are they more likely to become sexually transmitted. Abstinence will also effectively counteract the harmful effects that U.S. music, film, media and the Internet have on adolescents on sexual issues. Therefore, 'abstinence' education is the best way to sex education for adolescents.

    In the annual budget approved by the U.S. Congress, there will be billions of dollars to be spent on 'abstinence' education, an increase of 10,000 U.S. dollars over the previous year. However, 'abstinence' funding for education is still being cut off by about 100 million U.S. dollars compared with Bush's initial budget request. Texas and Florida each get about 10,000 US dollars a year 'abstinence' fund, is the United States received the most funds this place.

    These 'abstinence' education funds will be allocated to educational, medical or religious groups that provide sexual education to schools. The government does not provide for the use of teaching materials, just issued a notice to allow schools to 'abstinence' education and allow limited discussion on the failure rate of contraceptives. Currently, only state secondary schools in California and Maine do not have abstinence education classes.

    Some more young and religious groups are trying to package abstinence into 'cool' fashion. Girls can buy 'pure beads,' 'love waiting' bracelets, chaste shirt and other items. The title of a bestseller is even a slogan of abstinence - 'Virgin is the best lover in marriage - I'm ready to wait.'

    Walters, the observer's reporter, said information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Sex Knowledge and Education Board, and most of the world's medical or sexual health associations shows condoms can be used to avoid conception and prevent gonorrhea, Syphilis and Chlamydia disease. However, in secondary school textbooks in places like Texas, USA, knowledge of the benefits of contraception has all been abolished.

    Abstinence to bring more questions

    At present, more and more American parents think that the psychological impact of sexual activity on children may deserve more attention than that of pregnancy and infectious diseases. One after another questions: Can simple abstinence enable children to have a correct understanding of their sexuality and prevent them from having psychological and emotional sexual relations without being prepared? Will abstinence education have a negative impact on children's future life and will they affect their ability to acquire the correct knowledge?

    In this light, American sex education, which has taken the path of asceticism, does not seem to be perfect. Gynecologist Patricia Surak said: 'The higher the barriers you set, the more people will want to try to climb.'

    A recent report by California Democrat Henry Waxman shows that federal funds-funded abstinence classes teach children incorrect knowledge such as the spread of AIDS through sweat and tears, the possibility of heterosexual genital mutilation when it comes to pregnancy, and FERA will cause cancer and so on.

    Peter Birman, a professor at Columbia University, said roughly the same percentage of young Americans aged between the United States and the United States, regardless of whether they ever promised abstinence before marriage, infectious diseases and pregnancies.

    According to a recent survey conducted by the United States, girls and boys of the United States of America who have attained years of experience had sexual experience in the past year. Everyone who is young and old in the cartier love series United States has someone who is pregnant. Texas, the fifth-largest teen pregnancy rate in the United States, is 1,000. In France, however, teenage girls in the same age group have a pregnancy rate of one thousand and one in Canada, and fake white gold cartier love bracelet in Western Europe, the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in the United Kingdom, the same year, at 28 per cent.

    A joint survey conducted by the University of Columbia and Yale University found that young adolescents who promised to 'abstinence' before their marriage breached their promise. Although these children are less likely to have sexual partners than their peers, the only boys among them are using condoms in their sex life, and condoms are used among boys who have not committed 'premarital' sexual abstinence.

    Abstinence education contrasts in many ways with the sex education curriculum that most Americans imagine, and the latter includes teaching basic knowledge about infants, how to use condoms, and how to detect sexually transmitted diseases.

    The survey shows that Americans believe that the most viable sex education concept is 'beneficial abstinence', that is, abstinence education is preferred, but schools should also teach proper and true condoms and contraception because there are always children who are 'deviant' know how. In addition, there are still some people think that abstinence is not the best way, sex education should focus on allowing children to learn how to make responsible decisions on sex. They think that it is far more important for children to learn to make decisions about sex than to simply educate them about abstinence.

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