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Today In the present More people will select imitation carti

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  • Started 3 months ago by sdjisafhshfuk
  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    You are my sister

    Jiang Dawei made a harsh premarital agreement to Quiet: Quiet marriage can not go out privately, especially not too close to other men. An Yi did not inherit the right of property, quiet can only be divided into one-third of the property, and the future will not be quiet with Jiang Dawei's death after the death of Jiang Dawei and his ex-wife Shi Ruolan buried quietly watching such a prenuptial agreement, very hesitant. Jiang Dawei said do not require quiet immediate reply, agreed to give her a month's time to consider Song Yang to help Yang Jia get a piece of obstetrics and gynecology pregnancy test proved that Yang Jia would like to marry to dawn. Yang Jia will never reveal that year he hurt her peace of mind to find Yang Jia, exposing the truth she has restored memory. Yang Jia asked forgiveness for peace, everything because she loved Tianming too much. Tranquility said she understood Yang Jia, so she did not expose her in the face of dawn, this is the limit she can do for her, she can not sacrifice her peace of love for her peace announced that they have accepted the dawn of the proposal, Yang Jia anxious, Claim that they are pregnant. Yang Jia's good pregnancy test proves, sad tears. In order to prevent Yang Jia and dawn children, repeat their unfortunate childhood experience and sister, peace decided to break up with the dawn. Yang Jia once again deceived her peace and took advantage of her kindhearted apologies Song Yang about dawn met at the bar and told the daylight must be quiet and Jiang Dawei partnership done beyond the bottom line of peace, it leads to peace and quiet completely anti-angry Dawn rushed to the group meeting room, questioned Chiang Dawei that day in a quiet apartment, what he did to peace. Jiang Dawei claims he is just enjoying the peace of personality. Dawei told dawn, he has decided to marry quiet. Dawn tried hard to prevent, Jiang Dawei unknown, the father and son played a fierce conflict of peace to the daybreak broke up. More violent to say that he was touched by the momentary moment, her real love is silent Hin. Dayton picked up the diamond ring quietly threw away tears tearing Jiang Dawei leave, want to go out to get some fresh air. David advised Tianjing want to open, do not be trapped by feelings Yang Jia entangled in dawn, with the child to go with him to travel, in disguise to force marriage. Tianming reluctantly agreed and Yang Jia married peace In order to make Tian Ming and Yang Jia peace of mind to marry to Yang Jia's children a complete family to Mohsuan help themselves Tianming see peace and silence with Mo Hin love bracelet cartier white gold fake en harmony with the picture, Announced that he would marry Yang Jia Zhang Liyuan told Yang Jia, so she married, she and Song white gold love bracelet cartier fake Yang will be married. Yang Jia fierce opposition, so that Zhang Liyuan and Song Yang in their own election, Zhang Liyuan Song Yang selected, because the daughter married, Song Yang is able to accompany her to the old peace of mind and people think of the past, could not help but want to run to find dawn to restore , But copy white gold cartier love bracelet price she arrived, but found dawn and her mother was comforting and crying after crying, Yang Jia peaceful look at the dawn and Yang Jiayuan went out of control, riding on the dawn of Harley-Davidson motorcycle racing, only to hit a truck Tianming and Yang Jia held a wedding, peace and happiness brought cartier love white gold bracelet fake the bad news. Tianming desperate rush to the hospital, crying quiet name outside the intensive care unit. Yang Jia looked painful dawn, and finally understand the feelings can not be forced. She removed the wedding ring back to dawn, saying that in fact, she and dawn did not happen, she is the truth of forced pregnancy. Yang Jia told dawn, Song Yang is very calculating, secretly collected over the years Zhang Liyuan tax evasion, false false value added Tax invoices, bribery and a series of illegal evidence. If she now reports Song Yang, the equivalent of hands-on mother into the juggling day to persuade Yang Jia do not confused, be sure to Warrior broken wrist. Yang Jia is very embarrassed, said that it takes a few days to communicate with her mother Zhang Liyuan later defeated Yang Jia told wake up peace and Tianmin themselves are not intimate, pregnant thing is fake. Yang Jia faded the silver bracelet to peace, but peace will not accept, said he had no connection with the dawn, destined in this life can not be together. Yang Jia puzzled. Dawn rest assured peace, he will remove all obstacles dawn hope quiet can give a silent opportunity to make a complete home. Quietly said she had decided to marry Chiang Kai-shek, Mehmet also said she would respect her choice of tranquility to the dawn, Quiet this time to marry Chiang Dawei, and she did not want to see dawn forever and Jiang Dawei father and son do not recognize, so She and Tianming had to be friends for a lifetime. Tian Ming said he would find a way to stop, he will not allow peace to leave him again. David is very strange how Yong Xin know their psychological reserve. He was hesitant, but he was quiet but advised him to fulfill the promise of the year Georland, at any cost to get this piece of peace to peace and quiet have asked her to crack Chiang Kai-shek's cell phone secret, tranquility must understand quietly steal David's business Confidential, and then with the Song Yang, Zhang Liyuan and others set up a peaceful interrogation quiet, quiet frankly everything. That dawn actually joined the plan. Peace is very shocked.

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